Could the Children of Arkham carry on without Lady Arkham?

So I'm going to have this discussion as if we know Vicki is dead, so no "Vicki could be alive" comments please.

Now that Vicki is gone do you think the Children are no more? I mean the faction itself, not the individual characters in it. Would they carry on with their goal despite their leader being gone. I imagine if Oz ever manages to get out of prison that he'd carry on with or without the Children. Imagine if he took over the faction? That'd be glorious! XD

Anyway, I don't expect the Children to be main antagonists anytime soon but do you think they could ever return? Or is their story done forever?


  • Yes, the leading figure might be dead but their cause is still relevant.
    I could see Oswald assuming her position if he returns.

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    I'd rather they were done. I don't think they can return as their leader is dead and her right hand man is behind bars. Since these are thugs, I'd expect them to jump on the Riddler/Joker team. So they wouldn't really be [art of the children of Arkham, they'd just switch agendas and sides.

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    No, they are done. It is now Joker's and Riddle's time.

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