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Last season? Really?

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I can't believe that. I refuse to believe that. TWD is probably your most successive game up to date and you will end it in only 4 seasons? I am okay with Clem getting an ending (although I love her more than any fictional character ever) but I still can't believe you're done with TWD?

  • It likely isn't Telltale's decision, but Kirkman's.

    • If it is Kirkman's, then I believe he has plans for Clementine's character in the near future.

      • You mean for in the TV show?

      • No he confirmed she will not show up in the comics

        • He could be pulling our leg...or he might change his mind in the future.

          enter image description here

          • I'll give you false hope.

            He wouldn't say she's going to show up simply because that would take all of the "will Clementine die in the final season" drama.

            Personally, I don't think she will simply because she's not a Kirkman creation. But you can always consider the above on whether or not she will appear later on.

            • I'm calling it false hope too.

              He wouldn't say she's going to show up simply because that would take all of the "will Clementine die in the final season" drama.

              That's pretty much one of my main points. Not only will it erase all the drama, but it'll leave the fans expecting her to arrive at a community by the end. Honestly, Kirkman pulling our leg is way better than leaving us with the usual "We've been thinking about it..."

        • Kirkman merely confirmed clem will not be appearing in the already existing comics (Ricks story).

    • Why though? It's like shooting yourself in the foot.

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      TheMPerson BANNED

      A comic book guy that likes to beat a dead horse is responsible for a video game he did not create?


    • It being Kirkman's decision makes no sense, and plus Skybound as a whole would have to be ok with it not just Kirkman, and considering these games bring in a ton of money for them I don't see that either.

      Telltale is likely wanting to move on from Walking Dead. It put their name on the map but now that they've developed other games that have been received very well too, they're probably ready to just say goodbye to The Walking Dead after making 5 games in the universe and move on to other stuff.

  • Is the game titled, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, gonna be the last season of the series? Gee. I really don't know.

  • Well, a lot of time licenses only last for X years. TellTale could be losing theirs soon. They may or may not get it back, but figure it is best to end Clementine's story.

    Or maybe, they decided that having the games on forever would get kind of ridiciulous after a while. Honestly, Season 2 could have served as a perfect place to end the series, or at least Clementine's story. Season 4 also serves a good spot as it resolves her search for AJ and the family she's been looking for since Season 1.

  • It got worse since Season 2 Episode 3. I'd rather have this shit ended instead making cash grabs. TWD A New Frontier was a mistake.

  • They could start over with a new mc after they're done telling clem's story. That person shouldn't be a kid though. They should be 18. There shouldn't be any forced romance. No more illusions of choice.
    When the mc says something the dialogue should be exactly what they say. The timer should go. There should be hubs that allow you to relax, explore and interact with npcs. You should be able to find items in the environment and keep them so you can use them whenever you want. Having the option to change your clothes would be cool. Being able to wear different accessories would be nice too. You should be able to hunt for food and loot stores.

  • Four seasons is much more than anything else got.

  • Telltale ain't done with TWD lmao, They're just done with clem's story and thank god they are because clem is becoming such an overrated character to this point now.

  • Clem's only had one season where she was the mc. And she was playable in short flashbacks in anf. I wouldn't call that being overrated. She's popular but not overrated. You can call Lora Croft overrated. Nathan Drake overrated. And Kratos overrated. Clem isn't though.

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