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Distracting the pirates on spoon Isle

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I didn't get the logic behind distracting the pirates on spoon isle. I first tried to distract them by telling to look behind them, but as soon as I tried to put something in the chest, they caught me. Then, by chatting a little bit with them, I tricked them into the staring contest. I thought I had the solution, but I could not end the dialog at this point. I have to say something before I can access the inventory. The three choices lead to the two pirates ending the contest. However, the last choice (look behind you) makes them break the contest and look towards the wood. But this time, they don't notice that you put something into the chest.

I don't get the idea. Why saying look behind you works, but only if they were doing a staring contest when you say it? So I solved the puzzle, but I am still puzzled:D
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  • Because when they are doing the staring contest they are looking at each other, directly from one end of the chest to the other

    O> will be my one eye of each pirate :)


    and now no one is looking at the chest

    Before they are at an angle to the chest so they still can watch over it
  • Ok, I see... Subtle though...
  • Yeah, I thought this one was a bit odd. I got there by trial and error but I wondered why exactly this worked. I get what you're saying about angles, but I don't think it's great when you can't tell why you've solved a puzzle when you've solved it.

    My first reaction was that there must be a way of tracking the chest that doesn't involve putting anything inside. I thought of smothering it in glowing worms or something.
  • I figured from the start that having a talking bird inside to lead you would be a good idea, but it took a while to figure out that a staring contest was the way to go. Saying, "Look behind you", when they were both staring at each other does make sense since they did turn 180 degrees away from each other, but it was a little strange..... IT did work though, and that is what a puzzle-based game is supposed to do...

    ~ PA
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