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Episode 2 - Too Easy!

posted by Fliptoop Threeway on - last edited - Viewed by 356 users
Anyone else who finds episode 2, too easy?

Basically it's just a story you go along with, pick things up and the story unfolds and the puzzles are very obvious!

In the older games, one could spend hours trying to solve those puzzles!
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  • Sadly I feel the same way. The game is way to easy. Episode 2 as well as episode 1. Because the game is so easy I miss many of the funny stuff and responses of Guybrush if you try something weird. I ran straight through the episodes without ever stopping at one single puzzle, and without trying to use everything with everything. You should have to try everything with everything. There are many jokes hidden, which you miss otherwise.
  • It kinda bothered me you could find out stuff about future puzzles. Like why would I ask about mast logs for my mast before Mcgilluty cracked it again. I knew that would be important then and it was pretty easy figuring out you needed the rubber tree. Also when you look at the crashed turtle stone thingy he says something like "maybe I can use this to fool the pirates" before they are even threatening lechuck.
  • Good to hear (and sad to hear) that more players than I experienced these things. Aggre with you that the puzzles are not separated and do not follow a logic timeline.
  • I think they were OK. Much better than most on Sam & Max. At least they were mostly logical. But, obviously there's plenty of possibilities to be making harder and better puzzles in future episodes, which I'm definitely hoping for.
  • I think Ch. 2 was HARDER than Ch. 1. The hint system was almost worthless, and some of the puzzles were very UN-straightforward.
  • A few of these problems mentioned can be mitigated by turning hints right off...

    as to general difficulty, I agree with the general sentiment, but still liked the game lots :)
  • Actually I had hints turned off...
  • Really the only trouble i had was, the bucket, i just didnt see the damn thing.
  • I found it easy enough, but look at the number of people complaining about the hint system!

    Clearly it's too hard for some people.

    I think the difficulty has a nice balance now. I would like them to get progresisvely harder though.
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