Could John Doe have known Thomas Wayne?


I've once again watched John's amazing introduction to the story and while I was wondering how he could know so much something hit me when he said "I see a lot of your father in you" That makes me think that he knew Thomas and what he was like. It could even explain John's fascination with Bruce and how he knows so much about Vicki. He knows Vicki's true identity and that Thomas murdered her parents. That is surely a well guarded secret so could John have been there when it happened? Another thing that hit me is John being in Arkham. Nobody knows his name and according to the puppet there isn't even any records of him. Maybe Thomas did what he did to so many others and had John committed to Arkham without him actually being sick to keep him quiet and then John went insane over time. Then erased any all records of him.

What do you guys think? Is this a completely crazy idea or could I be on to something?


  • That's a great speculation.

  • I had a theory like this awhile back during the wait for s1 e5. I thought that since John Doe was (most likely) going to turn evil he needed to do it within good reason. So yeah he or someone close to him may also have been a victim of Thomas Wayne. Nice theory though.

  • Yeah! I had the same thought myself, plot twist John Doe is Thomas Wayne then we can have the completely original moment of "Bruce, I am your father!"
    (Dark Knight batman voice) Noooooo that's not true, that's impossible!

  • Good theory, I think you're onto something. Pretty much what I expect to be revealed as well.

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    Well, at least we know for sure they won't reveal the Joker killed Bruce's parents, since we've already seen Joe Chill do the deed. (Anyway, the 1989 movie tried that stunt, and it didn't work.)

    But the Joker being Bruce's abandoned brother? Way more interesting, especially since the Telltale continuity has made such a scenario more possible than any other take on Batman's universe. Try to visualize an alternate version of the Penguin's origin from "Batman Returns," but substituting the Penguin's parents with Thomas and Martha, and the baby in the crib with John Doe. Now THAT would be a shocking, emotionally epic flashback in the midst of gameplay.

    Before you roll your eyes at the idea, there's also a decent article by David Alvear that goes into some depth as to why it could be a feasible plot development:

  • Also, the enemy within is the series name. Could it be the enemy within the family? As in, John is in the family

    Well, at least we know for sure they won't reveal the Joker killed Bruce's parents, since we've already seen Joe Chill do the deed

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