• Awesome bit that ending tho

  • So Waller knows who we are and we will be a double agent working for her.

  • I look forward to this episode when releases tomorrow! Yea and so many choices I will make different choices than people who played it! Also I think I will save Iman Investa than the agents and I think there seems to be a bit of a hint of a future romance with her,but I don't know if that will happen or not,but I hope it does cause I like that it starts show it only she has a crush on Batman.

    Yeah the ending.WOW things are about to get real heated in the coming future episodes.

    • Harleen Quinzel is also confirmed. There goes my theory Avesta was secretly working for Joker.

      I also hope we will be able to romance Avesta, she has potential.

      • Yup she does have potential and I think she probably find that Bruce Wayne is Batman and that will make me happy and make the romance even more happen

        • It's not much of a stretch to assume Waller will keep her in the loop and use her to control our allegiances.
          We will probably work alongside Avesta on the field (especially if her partner dies) and report to Waller occasionally.

          That's how I see things at least.

          • Pretty much but since Waller knows Bruce is Batman.Avesta will probably choose to protect Bruce(once she finds out you are Batman,I mean come on it's gonna happen) and try to do what she wants to do for him(cause Romance) and we need start a shipping thread soon on here! I want this romance even more.

            Iman Avesta/Bruce Wayne Shipping Thread I will start it soon tomorrow or you can start it if you want

            • No go ahead with your shipping thread. But, I think Selina Kyle will be once again positioned as the major romance option.
              I honestly don't think Telltale will go with Avesta.

              I would like to be wrong as I don't think Selina is worth it, but Telltale writers can't possibly account for so many narrative paths.

              • Yeah i will do it tomorrow and I do think they will probably do it! I mean it would make sense in my case and how it will change where how you left things with Selina in Season 1.

                I will go for it when given the option cause it's better to have someone who sees Batman/Bruce has somebody she can trust other trusting Waller. She will make things helpful and easier when she helps Batman (which she will)

      • Does Avesta survive regardless?

  • So who do you guys think iced riddler?

  • I've already heard some people say this is a lot better than the first season. So I officially have high hopes.

  • Waller revealing she knows Batman's identity isn't surprising to anyone who watched Suicide Squad.

    • It still caught me a bit off guard since Telltale's DC Universe is evidently very different but at the same time, it doesn't take much to put two and two together, I think I was more surprised that Avesta didn't figure that out tbh lol

  • Riddle me this. How many times did Dave Fennoy die in Telltale games?

  • Poor Lucius. I did not see that coming. I'm guessing we're going to address either Tiffany learning about Bruce being Batman or we get the chance to tell her and then she has to reconcile that knowledge with her father's death. Still getting a lot of Batgirl vibes from her.

    Alfred's not looking too good. Seems to be symbolic that Bruce's oldest allies are leaving him or in dire straits.

    Avestra reminds me of Chase Meridian from Batman: Forever. I wonder if she will serve any kind of love interest role given the way they're developing her relationship with Batman (though she doesn't altogether seem that interested in Bruce Wayne) and how Catwoman's return will factor into things.

    Of course they'd give us obvious riddles to answer...

    I was not expecting them to pull a Carmine on Riddler. Wow.

    Y'know, Waller knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman has generally been pretty consistent but I have to admit her revealing it at the end there still took me off guard.

    Poor Jim. He's Commissioner for only two episodes and then he basically loses his job.I'm guessing we'll still probably be teaming-up with him in-spite of his being bumped down by Waller, 'cuz it's Gordon.

    I'm guessing Harleen is probably going to be John's "in" with the Pack (and they're probably the "associates" John was talking about at the funeral). It would be funny if she gave Riddler guff for his obsession with Batman but can't help herself as she falls for John and gives in to what he wants (at least if she's anything like traditional Harley). I wonder if we're going to see her develop into Harley Quinn as John develops into the Joker?

    I wonder if we'll see Selina pop up with the Pack as they hire her services?

    • I'm still wondering when we'll meet Barbara Gordon, I'm not entirely sure if Tiffany will become Batgirl tbh, perhaps a choice will decide which of the two becomes the Oracle and which becomes Batgirl? Though I doubt it.

      I really hope that Alfred doesn't die this season, it's too soon.

      I'm not sure how I feel about a potential love triangle, btw does Avesta survive regardless of answering the Riddler's questions?

      I'm hoping that Season 2 will have another Harvey-esque and Selena-esque series of decisions, where you can steer them down different paths: In my playthrough for example: Harvey never entirely became 'Two-Face' and Selena seemed to question her perspective on herself but in other playthroughs I've seen Harvey become a full on Two-Face as well as Selena being assured that she's just a criminal.

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        btw does Avesta survive regardless of answering the Riddler's questions?

        Yep. If you answer all his questions correctly, she goes deaf, but everyone survives. If you don't answer the first question, Blake dies. If you don't answer the second one, another agent also dies. Blake always dies first if you don't answer correctly, but you can save the second agent by answering the second question.

    • If you are shitty to Gordon he does not lose his job, he just stops workong with you, breaking your partnership and Waller does not demote him

  • I was right...Lady Arkham is alive...well no body was found. I broke down and watched my favorite youtuber Jacksepticeye play it....quite a bit better than S1.

  • Now that I think about it, was there any piece of info in the game that confirmed Riddler's real name? I don't think anyone ever referred to him as Edward Nigma.

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