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UPDATED -> Episode 2 for Mac finally available... :)

posted by Gruni on - last edited - Viewed by 218 users

I run the Telltale Store-Version of GotG and had trouble downloading Episode 2. Even the support wasn't very helpful, only providing the default Copy&Paste-Answers like "reinstall the game", "ensure that there is no Antivir / Firewall running" etc.

After checking around here on, I stumbled upon the FAQ in the support area, that still shows that Episode 2 hasn't even been released on the Telltale Store:


Telltale Store - PC: Available Now!

Telltale Store - Mac: Coming Soon

Steam - PC: Available Now!

Steam - Mac: Available Now!

GOG - PC: Coming Soon

GOG - Mac: Coming Soon

Windows 10 App Store: Available Now!

And I was wondering: What is going on? How can a.) the support not know that the Episode hasn't been released on that platform yet and b.) how can Telltale be unable to release a crucial part of their own game ON THEIR OWN STORE?!

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