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Campo Santo Blog Post "Tales from the Borderlands: The Oral History"

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Campo Santo have posted a blog post on their website called "Tales from the Borderlands: The Oral History" where they talk about the creation of Tales form the Borderlands, it seems a pretty long read and i haven't read it all yet at the time i am posting this but i thought i would share it as what i have read so far seems pretty interesting.

  • While Harrison Pink's original storyline has some potential and could have been really cool, I'm glad they didn't go in that direction, mainly because I don't want to kill Vaughn.

    Reading this was very interesting, not only giving more insight into the behind the scenes and development of the game, but Telltale as a whole. Granted, it was stuff a lot of us knew, like people suddenly getting moved from team to team (Pierre/Nick with TWAU, Harrison with TFTBL), but it still shows the sort of mismanagement that goes on at Telltale. Teams that are constantly changing lead to many revisions and changes, sometimes it works (TWAU, TFTBL) and other times it fails (ANF).

  • Man, am I glad they changed the original idea, killing Vaughn would be heartbreaking. Though Vasquez as Rhys' father sounds funny as hell. :D

    Thanks for sharing, really interesting read. Made me miss TftB even more.

    i cri
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    dojo32161 Moderator

    [What] I remember being a huge problem was [on] Episode One, like literally three days before we weren’t allowed to touch the project anymore, Pierre comes to me — I think Guardians of the Galaxy had just come out. There’s a moment in the first episode where your friend Loader Bot can explode, and it’s based on a player choice. Pierre comes to me and says, “I don’t think we should let Loader Bot die.” I’m just like, “Well, okay. We’re 36, 48 hours away from this thing going live, what are you talking about? That choice is there.” And he said, “I think we might be blowing up our Groot.”

    Jeez, they cut it pretty close for Loader Bot. How different would it be had two days before they shipped the episode, they hadn't let him live?

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    InGen_Nate_Kenny Moderator

    Fantastic read. I really enjoyed relieving the memories, and that "summertime friends" comment really touched me.

    Thank you Guardians of the Galaxy for allowing Loader Bot to be safe. Also glad that they didn't kill off Sasha, but man they were close.

    The idea that Vasquez was originally going to be Rhys's father is interesting. While I'm happy with what we got, I'm intrigued. Also, the greed thing with Vaughn, man that suck big time.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    That was an extremely interesting read. At first, I was kind of skeptical of that level of live revision, but some of their choices did seem for the better (such as sparing Loaderbot from permanently dying in Episode 1 - #LoaderBros for life!)

    EDIT: I forgot to add, there's also a little bit of interesting Wolf trivia in here too.

  • This was a fascinating read, though the parts about the game being considered unsuccessful are concerning

  • Great read, but also a sad one, too. It's disappointing, that they had to fight to get the resurces they need to make it as good, as it is. But it shows, that Telltale had problems with its team management and the fact, that most of the writers and directors of Borderlands left Telltale after Borderlands concluded is more evidance, that there were a lot of things wrong with Telltale at the time.

  • Really hope that Telltale can resolve their management problems, would be amazing if they could pull off something like TFTB again, without people being thrown around from project to project and being overworked. But on a lighter note:

    Adam Sarasohn:

    I found a company that made custom stitched socks and made [Rhys’s Hyperion] socks for the entire studio. Then I made Borderlands holiday cards and sent a pair of socks to the voice actor leads. Apparently Troy was quite pleased.

    Ok we need details of what company that was.

    Also, to my knowledge, they haven't mentioned before that these two songs were being considered for the games:
    Episode 1 intro (TWAU)

    Episode 5 end credits (TFTB)

    Molly Maloney:

    Borderlands was lightning in a bottle. Everybody cared, so much.

  • That was a great read. Learning stuff like alternate song choices for Episode 1 and the credits theme and the original plans for Vazquez and Vaughn were very entertaining to discover. It is such a shame though that it didn't sell as well as Telltale hoped it would, therefore sidelining any hopes for a season 2. Well when Telltale wraps up with other major games like TWD S4, TWAU S2, Minecraft S2, and Batman EW, maybe they will go back to this,

  • Read the whole thing and found it to be a very interesting insight on developing games in Telltale. It's dumb that they consider it to be a failure, especially compared to The Walking Dead tho, but it's also understandable considering how expensive it was to make.

    This article also goes to show the problems that Telltale needs to surpass. There's obviously a lot of problems with the management but despite the development hell it went through, the game was a huge success critically. Also the engine as well. They had to jank their way into making a depth of field system that isn't even really depth of field. It's literally just blurring out parts of the scenes by hand like you would a photo in Photoshop.

    Despite how unlikely it seems especially now with this new info, I hope that Telltale returns with a second season without any executive meddling and a sizable budget (however unlikely this is).

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