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Did this game Change you?

posted by The_Bat_Among_Us on - Viewed by 371 users

Sometimes I find myself playing choice-making games like these. After a while I start looking at my daily interactions and noticing all the things I could say (or not) to someone. And the way you word yourself will change their perception of you, for better or worse. So you need to think your words properly, but don't take too long because the "timer" runs out and you are left just with an awkward silence. Just the other days I stumbled on this asshole, I just stood there for some seconds deciding what to say or do -I decided to make a Bigby move and clapped back.
I think these kinds of games could help you analyze your retaliation options quicker -the more you play them. Or broaden your capacity to make different approaches to one topic.
The guy I stumbled on. There were so many possible approaches -reason with him, tell him off, silence, argue, glare at him, leave, say sorry, take what you had came to take in the first place, etc. Or another example, when you are driving and you have a split second to react when someone makes a badly calculated maneuver, so you just think fast and dodge it, and had you stopped to think about it then you would have crashed.
Decision making is what I'm referring to.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced this.

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