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Let's talk about the Comics (SPOILERS, duh)

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I have recently started reading the comics (yesterday, actually), and I am currently on the 16th issue and hyped for more.

The series has been truly entertaining so far, and I have been laughing my ass off at some parts. Like when Bigby offers Colin some "ham'n eggs", or when Snow keeps shutting Bigby's flirtations down, or the time Bigby made Bluebeard cry. Let's not forget about needy Pinocchio either (guess he is all out of morning wood).

I created this post so people can talk about anything related to the Comic Books freely, sharing their thoughts on things you like or not, things that make you laugh, things that could be used in the games, etc. Anything really.

  • I have found odd the fact that the switch of artists is so sudden and radical. Its really noticeable when they change illustrators because the art style shifts entirely (for better or worse). I usually find myself incapable of reading any comicbook when the art is too funky (although Fables hasn't disappointed me thus far like that).

    Reading the first pair of issues I actually noticed where the game-makers managed to take that "pink/colorful Noir look" from. It's from the flashback scenes where Snow is telling King Cole about what Bigby and her had been up to during the investigation.
    It has also surprised me the excellent accuracy for which the artists can draw all of those animals in the Farm, it was really anatomically correct and pleasurable to read -I found myself just staring at some drawings. On one hand its clear that they did use references to copy from sometimes (I noticed this since when they are static, they look correct. But when they move and make angles-that-you-won't-find-in-a-photo, then things get wonky), but that doesn't change the fact that it was still awesomely neat drawing skills.

    • The change in drawing styles can be a bit jarring at first, but you get used to it. I actually enjoy seeing the different interpretations of the characters. There is one artist that I really liked that has a bit of a "messy" style with his lines that really appealed to me. The comics are very well drawn, I agree. I'm glad you have gotten into them, they are very excellent.

    • Later in the series, there is a "default" artstyle for the main storyline while different artstyle are usually given to side-stories. Although occasionally the main plot will have a different artstyle too before changing back to default.

  • Funny you should post this. I was just about to post how I hope they do a continuation of the comic adaption of Wolf. Ive been rereading it and really enjoying it. It gives the game so much texture with being able to read Bigby's thoughts (which are often pretty funny) and seeing so much of the backstory on characters that we didn't get in the game.

  • I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who decided to read the comics after playing the game. The main Fables comic is fantastic. It get's really good once the start digging into the whole exodus and The Adversary backstory. It's really interesting. I also like how it helps to rap up lose a lose end from the game; namely what happened to Crane.

    • Crane got his walls decorated with brains, lol! I am currently in the issue #38 and I gotta say it feels boring without Bigby. I wouldn't be reading the comics if it weren't for him.
      Its not just this comic I do this to, though. I don't read batman comics without the joker in it, and I don't read x-men comics without wolverine in them. I prefer my loved characters over whatever story could be shown. However I will still make an effort to read blue boy's adventures without skipping too much.

      • Don't Skip his adventures at all. His story line is one of the better ones that early in the series. Definitely don't skip Flycatchers arc. Or the ones that follows Bigby's children.

  • The comic series is amazing, enjoy reading them. I read them once after Wolf Among Us was over (and kept up to date with the series till it's ending) but I would like to reread them soon

  • I know i'm going to get a lot of flack for this but the only issue i really enjoyed was the first couple (the first arc). I really enjoyed the mystery and sense of investigation in looking into, "Rose's death". It felt similar to the Telltale game, "The Wolf Among Us" because of the mystery but it felt grounded and not too overboard which later issues deal with, to a greater extent (which i understand). I also loved the art style in the first couple of issues a lot more than the later ones which i really disliked. However, the later issues are not horrible, they're just not too "fun" or "eventful" i think. I'm on issue 40 now and i'll keep on reading. I hope it picks up :)

    • I'm on issue 40 too! And yeah man, I think the same. The art and style of the fist couples were nicely done, nice story, really explored mystery and Bigby's detective work. Hope there are similar things lying ahead.

    • Fables was never about mystery and detective work, that's just the first arc. I'm glad the game took inspiration from the first arc but if you expect the comics to be like the game then you'll be very disappointed. Aside from the side stories the comics get less and less grounded, going from refugees living in hiding to a full scale war to a near immortal entity that wants to kill everyone in fabletown. And the final arc is just complete madness.

      • Oh man, true that.
        I honestly wish they keep up the detective noir style for the comics.

      • I kinda wished that it stayed grounded. That's why I usually consider a certain point in the story to be the real ending.

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