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Guys, I know I shouldn't make this post here, but I am trying for like so much time to get to play this episode.

Me, and many others, are unable to do so because of one freaking crash nobody knows how to fix. At the beginning of the episode, when the Star-Lord says "things are gonna get a little bumpy" and tries to press something, the game instantly closes up crashing, without any message or anything.

I am talking with the support team through e-mails for nearly a month already and they are answering once in like 3-4 days. And still they didn't help me at all. THE LAST ANSWER FROM THEM WAS TO VERIFY THE STEAM CACHE!!! AND MY GAME IS BOUGHT ON THE TELLTALE SITE!!! And they knew it!! This is getting ridiculous!!!

Again, I am not the only one who gets this, there was also another post here about this which TT closed up and moved ( this one ), and there are topics about this on other forums as well, including steam ( ). Please, if someone managed to fix this, for the love of whatever, help me out!

P.S. I tried everything. Replayed the first episode for 3 times, changed the dialogue routes, the choices, reinstalled the game like 2 times, redownloaded the episode.. everything!!

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