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Game of Thrones "Eastwatch" Episode discussion

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Discuss away!

  • It was ok I guess nothing really exciting happen, also I'm really miss Euron

  • Nothing too amazing really, Just more Fan Fic coming from D&D now. Also i'm just enjoying this Comedy because it really is becoming a parody of asoiaf at this point.

  • Looks like Horn Hill belongs to Sam now. That is if he is released from his Nights Watch vows. Drogon smells something on Jon.

  • Loved it! Especially all the scenes with Sam and Tyrion. It's awesome that Tyrion finally starts to become an independent character after being a supporting one to Daenerys. The writing in this episode was suprisingly good. I always loved D&D's writing despite their shortcomings but Dave Hill is even better. But I must admit that the "still rowing" joke was too met for me, but it makes sense for Davos to say it so no big deal.

  • Suspenseful as always. Not a lot of action happened, but there was a lot of plot development.

    Can't say I look forward to the next episode, because it is clear that characters will die.

  • Whoa! This episode certainly wasn't shy about going through a LOT of plot progression. I'd say in a normal season they would've used 3 eps to go through all this. Granted, it would've been 3 pretty slow episodes, but still. That said, there wasn't a single boring moment here, and I was constantly engaged in what was going on. So, overall I liked the episode, but just the sheer amount of things happening requires a rewatch before I can give any kind of rating for this one =)

    • Imagine if all of Game Of Thrones had the same pacing as this season. I feel like it would be a completely different show honestly, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing necessarily. I've absolutely loved this show from Episode 1 so it's not like the previous seasons are bad by any means, but I really enjoy the faster pacing they've been doing this season and I'm happy they're doing it.

      • True. I'd say it has mostly been a good thing that the show has taken it's time to develop the characters and plotlines, even if it has felt very slow at times. By now the characters are fully established though, so they can get away with fastening the pace of the story. In this episode it was pretty extreme though, and I hope all the episodes from now on won't be quite this fast in their plot progression. Sometimes it's good to have Blackwaters and Hardhomes that just concentrate fully on one important plotpoint. And I suspect we have one or two that kind of episodes still coming =)

        • Yeah at this point in the show after really spending time to flesh out the characters and storyline the show has earned the right to be faster paced. It wouldn't have been the same if it had been like that from Episode 1

  • The episode was complete,It was not the best one but not the worst.It seems that under the Targaryen flag Madness switch's with "warm recounters",I can't understand why people defend Daernerys she is crazy and knows no justice.The show may be capable of alterning shadows and light on her,but the truth is that she is a crazy dragon-rider even perhaps madder than the people under the Lannister banner.
    House Tarly is dead after countless years of story they fell burned...All for being true to their ideals and convictions(It was the Worst political move by our foreign dragon-queen).

    We saw Gendry again and it seems that he has become a "young Robert" on his time out paddling,Beyond all I like his character but the way he was reintroduced on got was not the best for me but I believe joining the Targaryens along with Jon Snow was not bad at all for him, considering the options.

    The meeting between Tyrion and Jaime was cool,A pity that Bronn had to live so early.I will not comment Cersei's pregnancy...The horrible spoilers are becoming true one by one.

    And then Robett Glover said:"My lady we should have chosen you as our lider"My question:Why have you done it on the first place?The Queen in the North...
    The writers sometimes give us "apologies" for breaking the feudalisms laws of succession but it is not enough :(


  • Love Gilly saying about the annulment between Rhaegar (Raggar) and someone else then getting married somewhere in dorne. Proving that Jon is no bastard and a true Targaryen, be funny when he goes up to Dany like, I'm your nephew and btw my claim to the throne is stronger than yours.

  • The sexual tension between Jon and Dany was at an all time high this episode lmao. I don't get why so many people find it weird for them to be together just because they're aunt/nephew, Tywin Lannister married his own cousin and so did Rickon Stark. Marriages based on incest is not anything uncommon in Westeros and it's not like they'd be carrying on the Targaryen tradition of brother and sister getting married.

    • I find it weird that people are weird out by Jon and Dany, yet they don't seem to have a problem with Cersei and Jaime. You know...They are twin brother and sister.

      • I think people only get used to their "incestious love",We aren't cool with them but you know all the story was based on that relation.
        As a Stannis fan I want that all their acting to fall and accept the punishment for all their abominations.

        Jon&Daererys are not seeing as a possibility to many fans and until the next books are out they will see the couple as non canon.
        I am afraid I take part on this ;)

  • It's still going to be rather awkward once Jon finds out he's a legit Targaryen. Given how humble he is, he might let Dany still have it.

    Seems Littlefinger is stirring the pot yet again and who knows if Jon will be even welcome home. Or maybe this time his hand will be caught in the cookie jar.

    Ghost is still MIA but at least he gets a mention.

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