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What Marvel Comic Events would make good Telltale Games?

posted by Derek Metaltron on - Viewed by 503 users

Given the fact that Marvel does a LOT of events in the comics each year, some good and some not so much, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if Marvel allowed Telltale to adapt one of them into a game. So I was curious what other Marvel fans might think would be good choices for such games.

I know I had a Civil War game in mind for a while, getting to play multiple characters on both the Pro and Anti Reg sides, and change things for Captain America and Iron Man alike as it boils up to the big showdown.

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Also 1984' s Secret Wars, given the fact it had a good cast of characters across numerous Marvel teams.

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  • I'm gonna go with Secret Invasion.

    It's not NEARLY as action oriented as Civil War or Secret Invasion.
    And every single character is fair game.

    Maybe this guy's a Skrull? Bop! Oh, he was! Good job!
    Oh, that guy wasn't a Skrull. And now he's dead. R.I.P.

    • Oh, yes! The fun of that if you had multiple characters is that even YOU don't know if YOU might actually be a Skrull, given they can brainwash an infiltrator that well to forget. So a reimagining where anyone is for grabs and there's the option for dialogue as much as combat.

      Plus the Savage Land. Can't go wrong with dinosaurs.

  • The Infinity War event

  • Contest of Champions

  • i agree with having a Civil war game.

    • Glad you think so! If it existed would you prefer to play as multiple characters on both sides, or someone specific like Spider-Man who can choose either way?

      • I'd be willing to have some dual protagonist stuff (maybe culminating in a decision for one to kill the other), but having one character being able to choose either side would be nice.

        • That would probably be a tad drastic for Marvel with Hero vs Hero, though it would still be interesting to imagine numerous changes like Spidey remaining on the Pro Reg side or being Anti Reg from the start. I might try and give it a try some day!

          • Drastic for Marvel, sure.
            For Telltale? Just the right amount. :p

            Given that Telltale likes giving their spin on things, I can imagine them bending the rules quite a bit.

            • Heh, well I guess they could. Seeing Captain America kill Iron Man would go against the tradition of the character a bit (unless it's the current Captain Nazi) but it would work as one of the darker endings for a Civil War game. Same vice versa.

              • Plus, who says your characters have to be both Cap and Iron Man? There are plenty of characters on both sides who would be interesting to play and have a good effect on the story.

                • Given those were the leaders of each side I would figure they'd be the logical, but there are of course other options! On the Anti Reg side you have Luke Cage, Hercules, the Young Avengers (including Stature who switches sides) and on the Pro Reg side Mister Fantastic, She Hulk, Ms Marvel, Bishop and Invisible Woman (who switched sides too). So if they did like Game of Thrones and had about two Pro Regs, two Anti Regs and someone like Spidey who could be either, that could work.

                  Also I would want the chance to have different characters die than the comic and more outcomes than just 'Steve wins' and 'Tony wins'.

  • Infinity Gauntlet, oh wait Thanos ded.

  • I'd love to see them take on an X-Men story. Being able to do the Phoenix saga or E for Extinction or Gifted would be pretty cool in my opinion.

    • I would love Gifted since it would be likely we'd get to play as Kitty Pryde, who is my fav female X-Man! Sadly with the Fox situation it looks like Marvel is unwilling to promote material for the X-Men and Fantastic in media they control outside comics.

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