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What is the Pact? (Speculation & Theory)

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In episode 1 of TEW the pact was mentioned twice. First by John Doe "I made some new friends. We made a sort of pact" then by the Riddler "They broke the pact." Not only that but the Pact is actually the title of one of the episodes. I've been thinking about the Pact mentioned and wondering about it and what it could mean. Well obviously a group of villains got together and made a pact.

I actually have an idea about where the plot could be going regarding the Pact on the Bruce Wayne side of the story. John has asked Bruce to meet his friends and bring him into the fold. And Waller mentioned that Riddler was going to be her way inside but now she has us to lean on. And the developers have been teasing that Bruce will need to get close to these villains. I think that we (Bruce Wayne) will meet these villains and make the pact on Amanda Waller's orders. (or suggestion depending on your relationship) If this does happen I'm really looking forward to it. It could be really interesting to meet these villains on a more personal level while appearing as an ally. Maybe even determinant relationships with more than just John Doe?

What do you guys think?

  • So Bruce is going to be a mole for Waller. Sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

  • I was thinking this to. I really hope it does go this way bc it will be cool to be part of the bad guys team, either throu being a mole or (in my case) wanting to do john a favour and meet his friends. It could also be how we could change john way of being joker like telltale mentioned bc he could feel betrayed when/If he finds out that we're working for the agency.

  • I feel like the pact is going to a group of villains that stick out for each other in general. Two of the member we're sure of were the Riddler and the John, both of which have had expertise at getting people out of jail. Doing a little bit of searching, the prison the Riddler orchestrates a break out at, Peña Duro, is where Bane born in raised in. It only makes sense that he and his henchmen were the people the Riddler was tasked at breaking out. Now we have John to think about, who was he tasked to break out of Arkham, has he told anyone else about Bruce/Batman, what's his motivation of bringing Bruce into this group of notorious criminals?

    (I'm also interested in seeing how TT deals with Harley soon, I've been enjoying their take on other characters that it will be nice to see how that will play out.)

  • What would The Pact need to be to make you conflicted about your own allegiances? Could it make you question which side you should be on even for a little while? I'd like to think that The Pact is an alliance of people specifically targeting The Agency for their ruthless treatment - having a hand in creating what they've become. I could easily see that as a platform for Harley Quinn as a psychiatrist seeing these people more as victims. It's how she has seen Joker in many incarnations. That could explain what Riddler meant in saying they broke the pact. They discarded him for making a scene and bringing Batman in whereas their beef is directed solely on The Agency and those that wronged them.

    Because of his carelessness, they lost the missiles, and the opportunity to strike at The Agency easily. Now, things need to get messy.

  • Your theories are actually fit the path of the second episode. She will use Bruce and make him sneaking into the gang so she could gather information. I am excited about the gang as well.

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