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Possible allies to House Forrester S2!

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Hey guys,On this post I will do a compilation of my theories and thoughts about the possible players on Season two of our game.
Next season will be as we all know,the cliffchanger for House Forrester,the moment the fighting is carry back to the Whitehills and this can only be possible with the cession of troops from Noble Houses that are still on their feet after the War of the Five Kings.

Also I must say that the aid that these houses can offer can be either nominally,Remember Mira's letter possing as Maergary Tyrell,or directly similar to the Glenmore Elite Guard, is our direct reference.On this category can play a role Great Houses as well as minor ones.

So Here my theories:

1.Remaining Houses of the Wolfswood.A possible plot for season two could be that the Lord of Ironrath goes through the Wolfswood on his post recovery at season two.There Rodrik/Asher could meet surviving members of these Houses(Either Old Forrester allies or other Bannermen to House Glover),Telltale could introduce here their "little backstory" and how they live on the actuality(Hiding on the forest as trackers,hunters since their strongholds were taking from them by the Bolton's).This quest could end with the objective of helping House Glover,House Forrester overlords in exchange of later help retaking Ironrath from the Whitehills.The situation would be a little more complicated than the books since there is no Stannis' plot on here and the Bolton's are apparently the ones that wipe out House Greyjoy from Deepwood Motte,but I trust telltale can find a link a bridge to connect all the storyline.

2.House Glenmore.Our beloved Lord Glenmore has still much to say on this story.Either if you follow Rodrik's path or not,the alliance with the Glenmores can be renegotiate.House Glenmore is one of the Houses of the North that has suffered less after the Red Wedding on the terms of troops and power(possibly because they are bannermen to House Ryswell,pro-Boltons of their influence on The Reach).This could be a chance to also clarify the numerous reference s to House Glenmore's cadet Branches(North,Riverlands,Reach) which could mean a strong asset to the Forresters.
The Lord or The Sentinel Traitor could pay Lord Glenmore a visit on Rillwater Crossing to put the affairs in order.

3.Nominally(House Tarwick).Let me explain this further,Lord Garibald Tarwick was an experienced courtier in King's Landing and a possible suitor to Sera back on Season one.There was a decision that concerned this Lord which meant to reveal Sera's parentage to him or not.The thing is that Garibald is the link to House Forrester influence in King's Landing being a way to live Mira's plot not playing as her plus the inflation the lordly position gives the players.I theorised from him before(At the end of the post I'll put the links) of being Westerlander lord which could mean on the gameplay the possible decision of forcing a letter,decree of a certain order from House Lannister to cut the Ironwood business from House Whitehill's hands,perhaps even tricking Cersei(convincing him that Lord Tarwick as a Bannermen to the Lannisters can organise a better control of the activity, helping slowly House Forrester retake control of their whole House.Lord Garibald Tarwick is that character neutral at first on the conflict but can emphasize with the Forresters cause seeing it just.The little interactions of the character with the "link" can be switched either with Tom or Mira depending on whom is alive.

4.House Brandfield.This is other interesting possibility,House Brandfield was destroyed on Robert's Rebellion long ago but the house remains alive thanks to the last member of it Malcolm Brandfield.Uncle Malcolm apart from having the "nominally" influence on House Targaryen (that would prove the difference in the long play).On his stance in Daernerys' court several decision s can be presented to restore the Branfields' power,forming an army on the road of season two(mercenaries, Unsullied) that can prove very useful to the final right of House Forrester.He could even marry(Unmarried) a member of an important family of Essos giving extra strength to the House.Malcolm's plot can be one of the main keys.

5.House Whitehill.I know,How would House Whitehill aid on it's own destruction?There are several wholes on their house as well as "weaken lidership" or "problem on the succession" depending on your choices back on episode 6.Either you kill Ludd or Gryff the interchangeable scenes on season two will change and perhaps will even prove a difference.The possible introduction of Whitehill family members,either Ebbert Whitehill(master at the Cidatel) or Tohrren Whitehill(less possible,cause can be Lord Whitehill on Season two).The untold Whitehill family conflict between its members could bring the downfall of the House on Season two.Ebbert could bring Anti-Whitehill influence on the Cidatel and could have an interesting plot.
If not Gwyn Whitehill(doesn't depend on Asher route or not) will be put in contact with the Lord to put an end to her own house tyranny.

6.Random House.This could be Telltale's surprise for season two,either a minor House we already know(House Warrick) or an encounter with other great House(see House Baratheon on the Wall-Gared's story,House Frey/Tully or even House Tyrell again).
There are lots of speculation on this point.I like the House Warrick theory(remember Britt the awhile who killed Gared's family?This is the way),We could be put on the role of a minor/mayor member of the House and see a perspective of Whitehill's rulership on the lands surrounding Nightlong.The abusive demainor of the ruling house could provoke the Warrick to switch sides and start backing the Forresters.Perhaps even a marriage between Ryon and a member of the house could be implemented to secure the alliance.The great House encounter is a very plausible one,I already explained on the House Tarwick category the contacts with House Lannister;But here I mean to focus on the others.
Perhaps a meeting with David or Stannis on the Wall could be possible,it's rather difficult of them to meet with a deserted of the Night's Watch,Plus Stannis' campaign on the North is not show canon.The House Frey/Tully one was proposed long ago on the community,I trust that Talia was the character to take the "job" hiding her identity manipulating an old Waleed Frey,On this line Riverland's occupation by the Blackfish could be introduced.
A House Martell one is nearly impossible but who knows...

Links to Theories:
House Tarwick and Garibald:(
House Tyrell and House Glenmore:(
Situations for Season two:(
Talia&Walder Frey:(

Ideas on the comments!

  • I want them to make some kind of a deal with Stannis the Mannis, so we could have Stephen Dillane play him once more

  • I don't count House Durwell obviously cause it's an extinct House,which only member(Sera) is a bastard renamed by the Tyrells still any theories and possible thoughts are welcome.
    Sera could be integrated on the game on Tarwick's storyline with more or less scenes depending if the marriage stands or was broken thanks to Mira.

  • Well House Forrester is kinda dead, most of its members are killed, it has no people left.

  • I am rather curious as to which House is willing to aid House Forrester while the North is still under Bolton rule. There's plenty of ideas to explore after the Forresters have been driven from Ironrath leading up to the Battle of the Bastards when House Stark returns to power. Then of course the repercussions to the downfall of Houses Bolton and Tyrell which is going to affect a lot of prominent people in Season 3 or 4.

    • I was wondering the same,It's not difficult to deduce that House Glenmore possibly (once more) would be the main ally in the North to the Forresters.Lord Glenmore is a controversial character whose loyalty is questioned along all season one.
      Lady Forrester speaks about him as a "brave and honorable" But Arthur And Elaena spoke about him as a man easily intimidated.
      Was he playing a major game at that moment? They appear to depend so much on the Tyrells sending the Elite Guard to the Reach.

      The falling of the house will affect gavely to them as well as House Whitehill backing the Bolton's in a future BOTB they will end similar to the Forrester when House Glover fall to the Greyjoys.

  • People very quickly forget this but I think the most obvious allies in S2 could be the Houses that Duncan mentions in episode 2 if Rodrik says "Summon our allies."

    "Houses Elliver, Grayson and Brownbarrow were all slaughtered at the twins" I suppose you could say that means that they're all dead but I think Duncan meant that they're in no position to fight, not that they were wiped out.

    • Hey mate,I did consider the possibility of the return of this houses on the section "Remaining Houses of the Wolfswood" but I do agree with you.They could reunite with House Forrester and aid together House Glover on the recovery of Deepwood Motte.
      As I said before the problem that Telltale must solve is the intervention of House Bolton on the show canon,but sure they can find a link to make a good plot on there ;).

  • You should put Telltale as an ally because there wont be a season 2 without their support!

    • Am I putting Telltale as an enemy?I had no clue of it,Of course I criticize the company when something seems off to me but I do recognize their good labor doing this game and I encourage them to continue :).
      Telltale more than an ally are the "gods" of the game or so say the whispers of the Weirwoods...
      Any theories about season two man?

  • There's also Tom's boss in King's Landing who is certainly a Forrester ally.

    We still have no idea who that was even though game files reveal it was originally intended to be Olenna Tyrell who had Tom follow and protect Mira (for some unknown reason), that was scrapped and never made it in-game.

    Tom did briefly mention someone named "Godwyn" whose collier store would be a safe place for Mira to avoid the city guard. It's worth noting that while getting to Goodwin's collier store never actually happens, it' is also always mentioned no matter what dialogue option you chose.

    Now my theory is that Godwyn might be someone residing in King's Landing, probably one of Gregor's old friends. Some sort of oath to protect Gregor's children might be involved. It could even be that this Goodwin could be the King's Landing POV next season.

    Or maybe I'm simply grasping at straws.

    Another more far fetched theory is that Tom's boss is actually Josera and Elsera's mother who is a lady with some level of influence at King's Landing, though this would be very unlikely and dificult to explain and actually work with Game of Thrones lore.

    • Interesting thoughts man,I remember Godwyn but I thought of him only as other coal boy with nearly any influence in the Forrester plot.
      I understand the plot whole that suppose in the past for Tom not revealing his original boss/master,as many theorised around that time the possibility of being Varys or one of Littlefinger's plots,being Gregor's lover could be a possibility.

      But I don't buy the idea at all,Gregor was a Northern lord with all that implies;Going south to the capital and having a lover on it,seems a bit off.We already know that Gregor came to the Tourney at Lannisport which could also be the same Lord Garibald Tarwick assists and tells Sera about it.If the Gregor's lover is really around South I would like to meet her at the same time we are unleashing Mira's plot with Lord Tarwick.

      Still she would fit better in The North,meeting with the Lord(Rodrik/Asher) breaking her background to him as well as it is a link for introducing the Forresters bastards,possibly forced to head south of the North Grove cause of the Walkers invasion.

      Thanks for sharing your theory with us ;)!

  • I do suspect that if you do choose to remain at the North Grove, the White Walkers would still overwhelm the place and thus Gared and Gregor's bastards would be forced to flee south.

    Hopefully we know who Josera and Elsara's mother us. Would be nice if she was someone with some influence. A meeting with the bastards and at least one of the trueborn Forresters has to happen!

    • Yeah that would be great man.Regarding the North Grove plot I tend to agree with you but I think telltale writers have other things in mind,
      If I remember correctly Telltale said that the North Grove will have a major influence with the game's plot.
      Leaving so early and discovering nearly nothing(Only blood magic gives power to the wildling zombies) it seems a bit off,if Gared & company leave the Grove would be on the middle of the season or even on the third season of this series.

      The revelation/secret the grove contains may be a cheap solution or something amusing but they have to reveal something regarding it,not let the plot fade away with all the holes that remains.
      Do you mean Gregor's noble is nobleborn or something like that?I doubt that on that possibility she could have legitimated the child's under her house name,Other thing would be if she is a bastard,she couldn't have done anything with the child's and left them go with Gregor for a better life.

      I hope they explain further Gregor's decision of carrying his bastards to the North Grove with no guards no companions,Josera and Elsera said that he did it to hide his shame but in truth be left his sons North of the Wall with no aid of companions.
      We need more information about Gregor's reasons.

  • So any new theories you guys want to share? My thoughts are still pretty similar...

    Also keep in mind that I'll update this post with the new theories and original ideas of the community ;)

  • House Forrester was pretty much smashed at the end of S1. Even if Telltale allows Asher/Rodrik to survive past the first episode of S2, they'll basically be fugitives on the run.

    • What's funny is that since in S6 the Boltons fall and the Starks are made Wardens again, it's pretty much confirmed that the Whitehill will inevitably fall with them at some point (unless they somewhy join the stark side? which is extremely unlikely)... so literally all the Foresters have to do to get Ironrath and the Ironwood back is... wait, possibly join Jon and Sansa on their quest against the Boltons.

      And this honestly leads me to think that Morgryn will become the main antagonist one way or another since the Whitehills are all but confirmed doomed regardless.

      • Agreed. The North remembers. They will remember that the Whitehills helped the Bolton's betrayal of Rob at the Red Wedding. I don't think, without the protection of Bolton's, that any of the other houses would be afraid of them. Unless the Lannisters somehow exert their authority? But why?

        As far as Morgryn... yes, he could become an antagonist. The question is, how does he do so if Mira is dead? Oooh, what if he marrys Gwyn?

        • I think Morgryn's marriage to Mira would just make his designs on Ironrath more "legit" (i.e. it would be within his legal right to claim Ironrath for himself). But he'll probably try to seize Ironrath in S2 with or without Mira's help.

          I like the idea of Morgryn slyly observing from a safe distance as the Forresters and Whitehills slaughter each other, only making his move in episode 5 after all the "competition" has been wiped out.

          • I don't think Morgryn will travel North to push Mira's claim on Ironrath,the possibility that comes to my mind is that he would remain on the South(King's Landing)sending several spies to follow the conflict with the Whitehills safely on the distance.

            Putting himself on the edge of the fight would only put him on a precarious position to play his cards on the game(Such as Littlefinger on Season 7,which end was an insult to the asoiaf fans).

            As I say before on the post I would like to play Morgryn's schemes as a "hardened courtier" who has at a start a neutral position on the feud between the Northern Houses;Lord Garibald Tarwick will be an interesting choice(being possibly a Westerlander lord as I theorised before) which could lead with cool interactions on the capital plus his connections with the Sealord of Braavos and old relation with Sera depending on Mira's choices(bridge to explore the remaining a of her story,respecting her more or less if she revealed Sera's background or not).

            Tom and Mira could intercalate several scenes on interactions with Lord Tarwick depending on who's alive working with him to bring Morgryn down,all of course depending on the player's choices.

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