• I lost it by being brutal, this is my Batman story and i want it to be as different as possible to continuity.

  • If brutal is your playstyle it makes sense to lose it and stick with Waller.

  • I stayed loyal to Gordon and I trusted Joker about his information. Riddler was his enemy so there is no reason that he could be messing with us. He is also showing a special interest to Bruce and this interest made its payment as finding the location. So, I didnt have any doubt to see Mori. Of course, going to Eli was a guarantee and it means that we will be good with Agency but I dont trust Agency like I am trusting GCPD. I didnt want to lose Gordon out of my side. He proved to be steadfastly loyal in the entire season 1. Plus, Waller has a shitty history anyway.

    Beat Eli will not make any difference because Gordon will still pissed at you either way.Bluffing the signal at least will make Montoya satisfied.

  • I was playing a Batman who was angry at the Riddler for killing Lucius. This has made him more ruthless, thus I have Batman interrogate Eli. However, I chose to scare him instead and didn't use violence. Which earned me Gordon's lost of trust, yet Renee thanked me for my restraint.

  • Stayed loyal to Gordon I have a feeling this will pay off. Waller will throw us under the bus.

    • According to her history, I have no doubt that she will do it.

      • Yeah though as Alfred says all the bad stuff uncovered predates Waller's command of the agency.

        Maybe she is not quite as heartless as she seems, after all if you chose to extract answers from Eli she claims to care about her fellow agents, the voice acting (and directing) is once again stellar as you can clearly discern concern in her voice.

        That said there is not much of a choice between her and Gordon. She is crazy for demoting the commissioner.
        I get the feeling he and Waller have some history.

        • Yes but that concern should be obvious because they are her agents in field. What should be is that she should serve the purpose of Agency. Being an authoritative pain in the ass and demote someone that has nothing to do with an unexpected death of suspect is not a quite cooperation. She is not so reasonable right now.

          • To be fair, Gordon wasn't exactly being reasonable either. The way he was territorial over the case seemed really petty to me. When he told me to keep all evidence to myself I refused. Even showed Waller the puzzle.

            • Its because he knows Agency can be ruhtless and hypocratical which made sense for me. Main reason he was territorial is that they beat already Lady Arkham and her organization and they put down Two-Face and send him to Arkham or Blackgate so he figured they can deal with Riddler as well and make Agency involved was too way risky because of their reputation. And I dont think Gordon is wrong. In fact, he is right to being territorial.

  • As a D.C. nerd myself as soon as I saw Amanda, I thought "Shit she's gonna fuck something up." if you know anything about her character, she's not the most loyal.

    • She already gave the first tip as letting Batman know that she knows his identity.

    • It's hard to say, honestly. Amanda Waller comes in many forms, but all of them complex. Sometimes she's just greedy and self-serving, but a lot of the time she does genuinely have the best interests of the country and its people at heart, even if she goes about it quite ruthlessly.

  • Well I love Gordon and really hate Waller so I did all the options that would Piss Waller off. I talked to Mori I never shared any info with her and I always picked the most hostile dialogue options.

  • I really pissed off Gordon and that was on my list of things not to do. I'm actually going to playthrough one more time just to switch that back. I trust Gordon a million times more than the Agency, but I didn't want to make Bruce look worse with interrogating Mori, but hey, looks like that doesn't matter as much as I thought since they already know too much.

    Always trust Gordon.

  • I lost his trust (unintentionally) the second time I played through the episode. I'll keep it for an alternate save, but I just have to have Gordon on my side for my main save. Yeah, it's sticking to canon, but Batman and Gordon have built their own rapport specific to this series. It just feels wrong to throw that away.

  • I'm playing as a Batman who tries to involve Bruce as little as possible in his dealings with crime. My Bruce is a rich man with a mansion and he knows it.

    I sent Bruce to talk to Harvey in season 1, but that is because they were already friends. My Batman wanted to go to Mori to preserve the trust with Gordon, but didn't want to risk Bruce being seen with more possible criminals. I've already got Waller's crew snooping around Wayne Tower. It is also why I told John that I wouldn't meet his friends. As much as I want to work with Gordon and the GCPD, he doesn't seem to trust Batman to do whats right.

    If Batman has to be more of a lone wolf in my play through then so be it.

    • I don't see why going after Mori as Batman couldn't be an option. You could still distract the guards away, and as Batman you could actually interrogate Mori without having to stoop to shady deals and/or violence. Plus he already owes Batman for saving his life from Riddler.

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