• I did the guns thing cos I traded clem to Conrad I didn't want to seem like a bigger asshole to her so I also lowered the guns so she won't be thinking "you'd trade me but you won't lower guns?"

  • I lowered the guns but didn't agree to get on my knees. The way i saw it no reasonable people would let us in if we are brandishing guns, so lower them but don't give them up just in case things go South. Max didn't seem like the worst guy at that point, if Badger were issuing the commands i bet more people would hold onto the guns.

  • I went along with it and dropped my weapons because I knew we needed help. Max never seemed like too much of a bad guy to me; I felt like he had some heart. Given the position we were in, they could take us out whether we had weapons or not. So I rather take my chance by listening to orders instead of being paranoid and still losing.

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