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Reference to Superman ?

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What are the chances for that ?

  • I kinda hope Superman stays away. I like the "realism" in Telltale's Batman. So far the only huge fantastical elements are the levels of tech Bruce and the villains have access too, which isn't that unbelievable. But a bullet-proof boyscout that can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes? At the end of the day Superman isn't that interesting of a character. DC constantly has to find ways to humanize him.

    I think he COULD be interesting if he was a young Superman that's just starting to learn about his powers and figure out who he wants to be. I'd like to see Telltale take things in that direction, like we could pretty much create the type of Superman we want.

    • Actually, I like Batman more than Superman but their interactions on each other in comics are also interesting and I wonder Telltale will make a move about it. I mean he has many super powers that can melt a human being or devoure a human into pieces easily but at least a bit reference will be appreciated in my opinion. I agree with you about realism but somehow I liked their relationship in comics so I figured it would be good as well in Telltale series.

      Young Superman idea wont be possible IF we are making progress as same as comic timeline. He already met Batman with his normal appearance in comics. But of course that would be awesome that witnessing how Clark Kent became legendary Superman and realized his powers.

  • Whilst I would LOVE a Superman Telltale game - it would be the perfect way to show you can handle someone with that much power in the right context - I think keeping this game contained to Batman material is fine.

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