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The BatCave

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TellTale has been so kind as to provide us with our own little Clubhouse in between Episodes which I find delightful to no end. We can read files, access the news feed, and wander around our trophy case ( oddly very psychopath of us, but I do adore it. ) I doubt I'm alone in being interested to see what else we might be able to do in the BatCave as the series progresses.

What I would like ::

  • Access to the game's OST whether via the computer or the record player.
    I really admire TellTale's score and what better way to enjoy it than chilling in the BatCave? It'd be a neat little extra.

  • Check emails, message John Doe, or work from home.
    It's easy to think of Bruce Wayne as a recluse, but he's a very well connected person. His actions as Bruce Wayne can do as much to change the face of Gotham as Batman's. I'd like the opportunity to explore that a bit further. While I can understand the team might not want to bog down the game's pacing with shifting through emails, selecting charity functions, and the like - why not add it to the BatCave as some optional nuance?

  • Have access to Wayne Manor
    This would be a huge undertaking, so I can see why this might not be a realistic request. Maybe not even all of Wayne Manor as do we really need to visit every bathroom in the establishment? There's no reason to have a flushing achievement. But to have a chance to meet a person or two there. Chat some with Alfred. Invite someone over. Maybe certain rooms could be accessable depending on who you have. Waller knows my identity. If I'm on friendly terms, why can't I have her over in the office with a pool table to delve deeper into the backstory of The Agency and ask a few questions. Have Agent Avesta drop in, or god forbid invite John over. What a delightful catastrophe that might prove to be.

What ideas do you have for your BatCave, or what do you think? ( I'm definitely not the first person to suggest access to Wayne Manor. )

  • I love having the option to return to the Batcave! One complaint of mine is that it's deadly silent. An easy way to fix this is to let us use the record player.

  • I loved being able to choose the music, I hope we get similar options in the future to slightly customize the Bat Cave.

  • End of the season we learn that whenever Bruce is at work...Alfred hires a hooker and shows her the cave and then pushes her over the is the one crime Batman never solves.

  • Anything more we get related to the OST, I'm down for. I asked if it would be viable to release the OST's for their games and it doesn't seem like they have any plans for it.

  • All I care about is using that record player I just want to be able to enjoy some Jazz without having to restart the episode.

  • I don't think the Wayne Manor would be a smart addition.

    I mean, on one hand, I would love to walk around the Manor and interact with every single object.

    On the other hand, it would take Telltale a whole lot of time and effort to build a whole manor with all of those interactive stories, dialogs, comments, layouts and details. The manor is never a key point in Batman Games, since all of the action takes place out in Gotham City.

  • Yeah, I'd like at least an option to be able to look at our various villain trophies (so far they're only stuck to the wall, and you cant get a good look at the ones on the right.. e.g: Riddler's stuff), and to use the record player for music.

    And to add to that, other games that have a similar Codex feature should really let us have an option to view it whenever we want. I know in Guardians, there were a few times where I missed an updated codex entry or two..

    • That'd be a great idea if they ever did another Guardians game. Having access to Peter's music library, the Codex, and his emails would be nice. I almost missed checking them this episode too.

  • I hope we can keep hanging out in the Batcave. Beside the immersion, just by checking the gears and trophy and reading the codex and the news article, it feels like a living breathing world.

  • I love your ideas, and really like the idea of being able to immerse ourselves in what it means to be Bruce more. I liked being able to explore Selina's apartment and want something like that with Bruce. Also, would it be so awful to see a scene of Bruce being woken up in his room? I mean, the man's gotta sleep sometime. Or we could have the option of having Iman spend the night in his bed. Hmm?

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