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Who do you think is better to keep at season 2?Asher or Rodrick? And when do you think it will come?

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  • I did my Canon plathrough for Season two a long time ago and I chooses Rodrik as the main lord of House Forrester.
    My thoughts about this choice can be found on several posts around the community;But I have no problems to explain them again.
    Rodrik's whole story is about choosing between pride or Family,a redemption story I haven't seen in years in a videogame.
    He fills the image of the Broken man no one gives a shit for and still manages to raise and fight for what is right despite it might end killing him.

    As I saw Asher as a more distant character,Rodrik doesn't care about his health,the impression that leaves in others only about the survival of his family,He owns that Iron Spirit capable of taking a decision and never turned back from it.
    And his humanity,his suffering and his humble self make you watch him as a man that is not invencible,But still chooses to risk himself on whatever action he takes.He is a got character that could have even been written by Martin himself.

    I think the trailer of thegame would come on the Pax West,around the week season seven(show) is over.

    I did emphasize with him more than anyone in the whole game and that says all ;).

  • I chose Asher for several reasons:

    • I love the tale of an exile returning home to avenge his family
    • Rodrik spent 4 episodes getting his shit kicked in by the Whitehills, felt like time to pass the torch
    • Similarly, Asher spent 4 episodes coming home and it was anticlimactic (albeit GoT-esque) to have him die immediately
    • Asher/Ludd have a really cool dynamic, much better than Rodrik/Gryff
    • Royland's speech when he crowns Asher the new Lord
    • Giving Ludd a scar and making him flee like a craven

    Basically in my game Asher is crazed for blood but also a very competent leader, much more competent than how I played Rodrik.

    • When you do the gameplay as the forresters brothers you should try to make both of them competent leaders/commanders and when you have to make the choice of episode 5,do it accordingly,don't choose favourites from a begging ;).

    • I fully agree on your points. Those are pretty much my reasons for choosing Asher as well. Another reason I chose Asher is because I like him better Rodrik, he is just a more interesting character.

  • They will both die in episode one, and really it won't matter (as much as I wish it were otherwise) which brother you chose to save. I loved both brothers and had multiple saves, and saved each at least once.

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