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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Space Battles Trailer

posted by Soloboiii on - Viewed by 351 users

Not sure if there are any Battlefront fans here but here is the new trailer:

  • Holy Shit!!! That's Amazing!! I can't wait to get this game!! I already pre-order it!

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    InGen_Nate_Kenny Moderator

    Looks pretty sweet. I saw Republic Y-Wings, ARC 170s, the TIE Silencer, the Schmitar, Yoda's Midget Starfighter. I really hope there's Levolution with that Venator crashing.

    I really hope EA doesn't crush my dreams...again (like they usually do, cough ME: Assdromeda).

  • Interesting... I like what I see but I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is what I think it truly is...

    Looks like you start off in your ship hangar and can take off from there, but I'm worried that there might not be a hangar to take a ship from. From some land footage I've seen at E3, vehicles still look like they're powerups that can only be accessed by spawning in with them. Once you leave the vehicle, it explodes. They aren't physical objects that remain neutral once you exit. They seem to be a part of your full character.

    The two huge Star Destroyer ships crashing has me excited for blowing them up from the inside for sabotage purposes... but again, given that vehicles might not be neutral objects and are a part of your character, that may not happen.

    I only mention my worry with this, as SW Battlefront 2's space battles were a huge part of my childhood. Being able to traverse a large area and destroy ships from the outside or inside (even though I was never good at doing it from the inside) was so much fun. My favourite thing to do was pretend to be some double-agent by stealing an enemy ship from their hangar and shooting their own people with it. I did that so much.
    But if those spaceships aren't a physical thing to interact with and enter or leave, I'll be seriously disappointed with this game. I really hated the "power-ups" that many features were restricted to in the last game, and the fact that they weren't actual vehicles lying around the map to jump in and wreak havoc with.

    Given that SWBF of last year had the "feeling and tone" of Star Wars, but none of the feeling of the original Battlefront has me really worried with this installment. What can they improve and add to last year's game, and truly make it feel like a Battlefront game this time? Everything.

    • Vehicles aren't powerups, I think you saw footage from Battlefront 1. To access a vehicle, you need to save up these battle points from completing objectives

      • Well, they're a similar concept. You need to earn them while playing, and can only access them using the points system.
        They still aren't neutral vehicles you can find on your own.

  • there was literally no gameplay

  • So pumped for this, especially with the Clone Wars material on offer! I love the Prequels so I'm glad they're getting as much love as the Original Trilogy and the Force Awakens/Last Jedi era are. Hoping that we can get Mustafar, Geonosis and Battle of Coruscant maps in the future too.

  • My brother is over-hyped about this... and so am I.

  • Battlefront II > EA's Battlefront (in my opinion)

    The good old days playing the X-Wing mode on the ps2, I can't find that tutorial video but it is so nostalgic for me.

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