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    For that ending cliffhanger, it's unknown what happened to Rhys and Fiona, as for whether or not it may be explained sometime in the future, it's possible Borderlands 3 could do something with it if they so chose to, or if Telltale ever did make a season 2 they could start from there. So it's really anyone's guess as to what might happen.

    • Thanks for telling me but it's really frustrating not to know how it will end. Waiting is not always easy if there is at least one confirmation... we will be seen in the future.

    • gearbox said that there will be a new planets in bl3 so my guess is that they teleported to the new planet they gearbox was talking about. If tales does get a season 2 it would be after bl3 we might get a season 2 in 2019

  • Tales from the freakin Borderlands. What can be said about this game? I loved every single second of it. So much so that I was so pissed off at myself for going through the entire game in a single day.

    I know nothing about the Borderlands series, but this game was everything I truly wanted in a story. Comedy, Action, Romance, it had it all. My only gripe is that they should've given the player the equal option of pursuing Fiona as a romantic interest instead of making it a kind of easter egg option at the end if you played your cards right.

    As for what happened to them, a theory I've seen, I don't know how plausible it really is, but people say when you open a vault you gain the abilities of the Guardian protecting the vault. According to that theory I read, Rhys and Fiona were transported somewhere, I'm assuming at random, like the Vault of the Traveler itself.

    If this theory is legit, I'd love a second season based on Rhys and Fiona's journey back to Pandora. TELLTALE MAKE IT HAPPEN, TAKE MY LIFE'S SAVINGS!!!

    On the Telltale Summer Update 2017 video, someone kept tweeting Telltale everyday until Season 2 of Wolf Among Us was announced. I'm bouta do the same with Tales from the Borderlands. The fact a second season has yet to be announced is blasphemous. ! Blaspehmous!! I pray there is an announcement after next year's TWD Final Season and TWAU2

  • TFTBL was a great game, I know when they made it they had to shift staff over to other projects and that meant it was an absolute nightmare to finish the game although they did do a great job with the limited staff they had working on it at the time even if it's a little buggy and they didn't advertise it as well as their other games.

    I loved the game it was great but parts of it seemed a little rushed like Rhys and Sasha, their relationship goes from Sasha being horrible to him and Rhys dropping hints he has a crush on her blah blah. They messed up the part with Fiona I agree, didn't seem right to add that in as an Easter egg because for the entire game I couldn't connect with Sasha and to force her and Rhys relationship was upsetting when for the entire game I really liked Fiona.

    The engine could do with updating I hope they fix it if they do make season 2 (please please please I'm begging for this series continuation, just drop got already) because I had loads of weird character model mess ups in my playthorugh on Xbox. This was probably due to limited time they had working on it.

    Last episode was great, buggy but well written and paced. Telltale tends to put writing as their main priority so this isn't ground breaking. I wasn't at all disappointed heck I played it through again just to get that short bit of dialogue with Rhys and Fiona saying they liked each other. Sasha needs way more development if she's going to be a love interest, she seems rushed ( and I feel bad for poor august).

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