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GOTG Episode 4 Waiting Thread - Rated by Australia

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Episode 4 Release Date Discussion

Please use this thread for discussion about game release dates and/or discussion about the wait for the next episode. Thanks!


September 7th

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  • At the choice of destroying or empowering the energy forge, did anyone else get flashbacks from Half-Life 2 Episode 2 when Isaac and Eli were arguing over what to do with the Borealis?

  • I`m still waiting for episode 3

  • Excellent 3rd episode...I destroyed the forge and I'm actually really surprised how many people did. Looks like shit is gonna start to really hit the fan here.

    • How do you think the series is doing so far? I'm still trying to wait till all the episodes have been released before I consider buying the game.

      • It's a truly awesome game. I've had loads of fun playing it. There are lots of funny scenes and dialogue choices (especially in episode 3) and although the choices haven't shaped the overall narrative a huge amount yet, they do really affect your relationships with the other Guardians in a way that feels gratifying.

        There are also some really cool fight scenes - nothing quite as awe-inspiring as some of the battles in the final GOT episode or the Bloodsong fight but really good in its own way. I'd say this is a top-notch Telltale series, approaching TFTB quality.

      • Its getting better with each episode so my opinion is pretty positive. If I had to rate the episodes it would be

        EP 1 - 7.5/10
        EP 2 - 8.5/10
        EP 3 - 9/10

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      InGen_Nate_Kenny Moderator

      How could you? Destroying my man's Rocket's hopes and dreams.

  • Actually I am really intrigued what will happen next, seems like last decision was one of crucial in series (I hope I will not be disappointed).

  • Excited to see where things go in Episode 4! Feels like with the last episode it could really go into a lot of different places, especially with how your handled the Forge and how Nebula's relationship with Gamora is. Coupled with how the various Guardians think about you.

  • I dont know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but episode 5 has already been classifed

    So apparently there is weird shit about this link for it being classified so early and it also dating in May, damn GOTG youre a mess lmao

  • I'm betting Early October is the next release. Telltale has had a lot of time to work on EP3 and maybe even 4 (we know the voice-work of Star Lord has been done) so I suspect there won't be such a long wait.

    • And I just want to add: With the inclusion of Mantis in the series -- another prominent inspiration from the movie -- I just want to see more of this world. All of this is cool, it's a really well made game in terms of choice/consequence payoff [at least in my own opinion] they've set up a good plot that feels like it's drenched in Cosmic Marvel lore, and I want more. I want Telltale to be able to introduce me to more obscure characters like Hala, and broaden my knowledge of the greater Marvel universe. As someone who only occasionally reads comics, and watches the movies, this series has introduced me to many interesting things that general pop-culture has still not touched yet.
      What Telltale has now is a great introduction to Guardians, giving familiar things to people, while adding more lesser-known things into the mix. (Rocket's past, Gamora+Nebula relationship and Thanos as their Father, and the Guardians' feelings and motives towards many objectives of life.

      Given that this series isn't so popular, I don't see them debating whether or not to make a season 2. It's probably a no. I just feel that there is so much more Telltale can do with this partnership and this franchise if they made a Season Two.
      Just a thought.

      • Second season would be great... But the game did not get enough attention and so it's not worth for them to make another season..... Minecraft story mode has sadly 6x more players than Gotg :( and also the new batman is much more popular.... I would say that this game got the least possible number of players that it could take... And I don't understand that cause this game is the second best after the new batman in my opinion... But just a little bit...

        So there won't be any continuity in the story and I'm really not happy about it... But I guess they'll try to make another Marvel game... For mby more popular character such as Iron man or spiderman

  • Question for everyone:

    • Did you get music during the credits? - All I got was the title: "More Than A Feeling" appear, the sound effect for the rocket boots played for about a second or two, and then a silent credits scroll.
  • I just did a second playthrough and Wow. That split cliffhanger is pretty cool.
    Either you've got a Forge-wielding Hala resurrecting her army (and her son).
    Or you've got a super-powered Hala out for revenge.

    I can see the second scenario leading to her having the powers of the Forge [i.e she can still revive her army]... But those scenarios are still different aesthetically!
    So we'll see how this choice changes what comes next (after all, Gamora always says "it's what happened next he should regret") but either way, I like this already.

  • I don't like how dead is the forum for one of the greatest and funiest Telltale Games GOTG.... It's just not fair that it doesn't have the attention that it deserves...

    EDIT: Hope we'll get some news soon

    • Yeah, I'm bummed out that this series is dead when it comes to the forum player base, but I'm even more disappointed that we have barely any news for this series. Just the occasional VA tweet about going into the studio to record lines. That's cool, but it isn't really substantial.

    • I think it has sold barely 50k units on Steam, not surprised that hardly anyone is talking about it.


      • enter image description here

        TellTale currently has three games in progress: Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman: The Enemy Within and Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. According to SteamSpy, while it is true that Guardians has around 50k owners on Steam, the second seasons of Batman and Minecraft both have around 20k owners on Steam.

        TellTale games that were already finished are the ones that have between 300k and 2,4kk owners on Steam (older games generally having more owners).

        Looks like the number of owners of GotG is actually pretty normal for a TellTale game that is still in progress. Let's not spread panic just yet.

        • True, we should look at the sales at the end of the season. But to be fair, ANF which finished months ago hasn't even sold 250k on Steam. I'm not saying I'm necessarily pleased with it but Telltale sales are on a downward trajectory, especially when you look at a game like LiS: Before the Storm which has sold nearly 100k units already despite being released yesterday.

          • True, true. What worries me is that Tales sold around 800k but was considered a financial failure. So I suppose the sales came too late. I hope that doesn't happen to Guardians too.

            Not to mention, LiS is MUCH more expensive than TellTale games and it isn't piggybacking on an already popular franchise.

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