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Should S2 be set before, or AFTER the comic book?

posted by Robert Morgan on - Viewed by 606 users in, should the series take place before Fables #1 (like S1 did), or after Fables #150?

I'm not too familiar with the events of the comic book series, so maybe other fans would have a better idea what would work and what wouldn't.

  • It should be set after the comic books, so they can have a lot more freedom.

  • Before. That's the only way I can accept it.

    Now, I'd love to see TWAU2 taking place maybe in a year or two after events of the first season (so our s1 choices matter), but I know it's not very likely, so I'll be fine with anything Telltale will come up with, as long as it's set before vol 1 of comic books. I just hope they keep that great, dark atmosphere with noir elements and interesting mystery.

  • I'd much rather prefer "before" setting, seeing as how fans who haven't read the comics would probably be quite confused as to what has happened, they wouldn't know a lot of characters and would have trouble immersing in the world when they don't know jack about it.

  • Before the comics would work way better for many reasons. Sure after the comics would give "more freedom" but they wouldnt be able to make a story like The Wolf Among Us Season 1 at all, by the end of the comics too much stuff is way different so placing it after the comics would lead to just a ton of confusion.

  • Before. It shouldn't be too son after s1 because it would vary a lot depending on the fables fearing you or not. And I want a place where they are weary of Bigby, and that gets influenced by good or bad actions.

  • I haven't read the comics, but I don't think it should stray too far away from when the first game was set. I want some sort of follow up on the ending (but I'm prepared for them not to), and I know it isn't going to be set immediately after. I think a few years after the events of the first game is a good guess, I would be fine with that.

    The 80's neon-noir aesthetic is only present in the game because it is set before, it is not apart of the comics from what I heard and that was a pretty big element that drew me into the game. If they set the game anywhere else or even at a different time, it would make less sense to have those elements.

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