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Walking Dead The Final Season Ideas

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I know that this sort of topic has been a bit overdone but I was thinking that if we kept this thread going that maybe one of the Telltale Staff may see what you want and may implement it into the Final Season. Do not be afraid to go into detail. I also look forward to seeing what you want in the Final Season.

  • Don't get your hopes up. The staff might be Brother Eye sponsored ninjas, but who knows if they'd actually want to use any of this stuff, much less be able to.

    Now see, the thing is most of what I wanted to see was used/invoked in ANF and then bungled/squandered by the end of it in some shape or form; Gabe in particular is a complicatedgummy example of this(and not for the shallow LCD reasons the community/internet immediately thought start to finish, even if it doesn't help). However, there are a few that could stand to be tried again and/or fully realized:

    • A proper evil counterpart for Clementine.
    • A dark skinned Boer.
    • A female character that strikes a comfortable balance of being likable, capable, and interesting without falling too much into the usual two/three categories.
    • In fact, if we could get Lilly, Kate, and/or Christa back and kicking a moderate amount, that'd be nice.
    • Another kid/youth character that actually manages to be well-liked, bring something truly new to the table(Ergo, no more pointless Mariannas), and/or makes it through for once.
    • A morally grey/ambiguous villain/villainess that's actually seen all the way through. In fact, a Heel-Face Turn would be a lovely change of pace with or without this.
    • A [anti-]villainous kid/youth that gets a fair amount of legit focus/screentime this time.
    • More diversity in the rogue's galllery--basically, villains that aren't just Evil White Man #356.
    • No more fucking Angry Dad Climaxes.
    • As a matter of fact, Angry Dad's period. (I was gonna say "---unless they stay side characters," but I don't trust em).
    • While we're at it, let's try not to just fall back on hicks in general, okay?(Yes, that includes Luke, unfortunately) Offend someone else for a change, K?
    • If you're gonna take inspiration from (or at worst, outright clone) someone, how bout doing some characters that didn't get a lot of spotlight? Fuck Lee, Kenny, Molly, Kenny, and Nate and let's go for some Christa's or Vernon's or Tavia's or Pete's/Carlos's(damn you, Tripp) or Gabby's, etc.
    • And more importantly, give us Ed and Diana. You know I'm right.
    • Fuck Lee

      You lost me here. I hate you.
      Look, his story ended in Season 1, there's no way we are going back on his case, unless he was left unknown(which I would have preferred).

      Also, you said Kenny twice.

      • You lost me here. I hate you.
        Look, his story ended in Season 1, there's no way we are going back on his case, unless he was left unknown(which I would have preferred).

        Oh, you don't meant that. I meant that I don't want to see his character heavily rehashed.

        Also, you said Kenny twice.

        I know. :smirk:

        • Oh, you don't meant that.


          I meant that I don't want to see his character heavily rehashed.

          Oh, okay then. This is something I wouldn't want.

          I know. :smirk:

          You really love smirking at me, dontcha?

          • Huh?

            I swore to gudness, I can grammar.

            Anyway, you know you love me.

            Oh, okay then. This is something I wouldn't want.

            Oh, so as long as it's what YOU want, eh? :lol:

            You really love smirking at me, dontcha?

            What makes you say that? :smirk:

            • I swore to gudness, I can grammar.

              You culdn't grammar, use better next time, you hear?

              Anyway, you know you love me.

              enter image description here

              Oh, so as long as it's what YOU want, eh? :lol:

              Heck Yeah!

              What makes you say that? :smirk:

              Don't deny it.

  • Personally, I'd like Telltale to touch upon Clem's personality problems this season, rather than focusing on finding groups, saving someone and what not. This is a story of a little girl who grew up in this apoclaypse, who had literally lost everyone and everything she cared about. She has fear(walkers, death, being all alone), regret (believing the stranger that he had her parents), sadness(memories of the past), guilt(Lee's, Omid's, Luke's, Kenny and Jane's death)... feeling all these kinds of emotions at such young age would break everyone mentally. I want Telltale to make our 3 season of choices matter in the last game, so that we can see how this apocalypse affected Clem's mental state. I think it would be a unique and interesting side of TWD.

  • I want The Finale Season to be dark, gory and sad which ANF didn’t have.

    • ANF was dark and gory, it wasn't as sad as the other 2 seasons but at least it's something new and isn't basically the same game over and over. If they were all sad then we'd all know that a very likeable character is going to die by the end.

  • I just want it to be different than season2 and season3.

    Start of the game > Problem occurs > Problem gets resolved > Choose between characters > End of the game.

  • A boy character that's significantly younger than Clementine currently is.

  • I want to go on a emotional road trip. Not like new frontier all action based

  • I think Clem should have a baby or at least get pregnant. Maybe with Gabe maybe with a new boy. It would be cool to see Clem become the parent of a little girl.

  • THE WALKING DEAD: The Finale Season.....THE MUSICAL!

    Yes you read it right...a musical journey into the world of the Walking Dead!!!

  • Atmosphere:

    • Bringing back S2's stunning atmosphere and color schemes. The woods, the mountains, the snowy, cold wastes... Overall, the atmosphere of S2 was really well done and I'd relish if they were able to mimic something similar in S4. Also that menu... Oh, the menu...

    • Exploring bandoned areas where humanity once thrived like skyscrapers and big cities. Monuments of even older eras would also be interesting. P.S: If a community resides/uses one of these places, it obviously doesn't count as abandoned... though I'm not saying a small community residing on top of a skyscraper wouldn't be a cool idea :P

    • Season two originally seemed to have a pretty dark/hopeless tone to it. Clementine walking alone toward what looked like an abandoned snowy town certainly seemed to imply so. Hopelessness should be one of the Apocalypse's main themes, and it has honestly been underdone.


    • The whole TWD franchise has become awful stale with community vs community conflicts. I've dropped both the comics and the main show for this reason, it's just not engaging anymore, it's awfully predictable and, most of the time, one sided. Exploration of themes like survival, internal conflict within a group, moral challenges along the road, etc, would be incredibly appreciated themes to bring back to the table.

    • ...Though I'm not saying community vs community conflict can't be done right. Carver vs Cabin Group was interesting at a time for example. I also enjoyed Fear S3A's conflict between the Otto's and the Indians, it was very Gray vs Gray.

    • There doesn't need to be a clear antagonist, most of the time introducing one makes everything feel that much more predictable. And god forbid they decide to create one of those Negan-like characters. I get it, they are awful easy to write, doesn't erase the fact that most of the time they are awful boring generic depthless pieces of shit, not to mention predictable.

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