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Celebrity deaths that shocked you.

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The one that shocked me was Robin Williams. The guy seemed to be so full of life, and brought laughter to millions. But apparently things were not all what they appeared.

From what I heard he had had Parkinson's disease, and given his flair for what would be deemed physical comedy, this would've severely impacted him.

And something that he said, really got my attention:

"I use to think that the worst thing in the world would be to end up alone. It's not! The worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."

I read an interview on Facebook about when Williams was shooting the film Ms. Doubtfire, and during filming, the young actress who played his oldest daughter was having problems doing the film and staying in school, so much so the school was going to expel her. Yet Robin Williams spoke to the school on her behalf, and as a result the school retained the young actress as a student, who later went on to graduate.

It's a shame that Robin Williams never found the the type of people who were willing to do what he did for that young actress.

So with all that being said, which Celebrity death shocked you?

  • Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars movies) death shocked me the most :-( That was very unexpected for me and all Star Wars fans :-(
    I knew she had a heart attack, but I had a hope she will be okay. I though she will be healthy again.

  • I'm not sure if he was a celebrity but as sure as hell his death shocked me. I'm talking about my childhood idol Steve Irwin. When I heard in radio that he's dead I couldn't believe it. I fucking cried for a person that I've never met. Well, at least he died doing what he loved. I will never forget him.

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      OzzyUK Moderator

      His death shocked me too, i loved watching his shows with the crocodiles and other animals. I also watched his funeral when they broadcast it on TV which was pretty sad.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    Apart from Steve Irwin which i mentioned above i was also shocked by Michael Jackson's death, he was close to doing his concerts in London too but all the stress from rehearsals seemed to take their toll on him which seemed to contribute to his death.

  • Robin Williams. I grew up watching him in the movies Jumanji and Flubber. He had a big impact on me as a person. Hearing that he was gone made me feel like I lost someone who was close. I'm still sad to this day.

    Heath Ledger. I grew up watching him in the movies, A Knight's Tale and The Patriot, then all of sudden he's gone after giving his best performance in the batman movie. It just wasn't right hearing that he was gone.

    Chester Bennington. The music he made with Linkin Park was a big part of my early school years. I'd sometimes pretend to sing like him.

    • Chester's Death was Probably The Most HEART-WRENCHING Celebrity Death I've had to cope with in the past few years. Robin William's death was pretty sad too, but Chester's Death was EVEN WORSE for me.

  • From what I heard he had had Parkinson's disease

    I think the major thing surrounding his illness was a undiagnosed case of Lewy Body Dementia, and Robin wasn't able to function in his day to day life without difficulty. I still remember owning his movies on vhs and I'd watch them everyday growing up. He had helped so many people founding the original Comic Relief with Whoopi Goldberg, due to him having grown up privileged from a rich family. His stand-up comedy was so amazing and unique. Its so sad how such a great talent had to go like that.

  • Steve Irwin. I remember eating dinner at the time and just freezing when I heard the news.

    Robin Williams. It still feels werid to acknowledge that he's actually gone.

    John Pinette. It was kinda surreal since my friend had just recently gotten me into him, and I thought my mom was pulling a sick joke on me.

  • Michael Jackson, I remember that day like It was yesterday, completely heartbreaking, I remember my mum told he was coming back for THIS IS IT tour, I was so happy to hear but sadly he passed a few weeks later

  • Carrie. Couldn't believe it.

  • Heath ledger and christopher lee (saruman) ,

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