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Something overlooked(plot hole kind of)

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Remember last season at the end when Joker tried to assasinate Gordon/Bruce and kind of looked ready to terrorize Gotham. Now it's kind of put under the rug. Now I don't mind it since I'm friends with Joker but still kind of weird and doesn't make sense. Thoughts? or noz. Also Avesta suks and is bad. KILL!!!1!

  • Nah. I feel like that attack in Season 1 was just a few random thugs who thought they could bring down Gordon/Bruce in this public event.

    John did have some sort of plan up his sleeve considering that he got the doctor to release him from Arkham.
    And then him saying: "It'll be hard to top that but I'll try!" is most likely where his true plan of linking up with The Pact and getting Bruce involved with them began.
    We still don't really know what his motives are or what his role in all of it is, but the plan is there. It's just subdued, on a slow burn.

  • Nothing really indicates that it was Joker. This is what he says.

    As Bruce Ending: "He sure does clean up well. See you soon, Brucie..."

    As Batman Ending. "Oh boy! It's gonna be tough to top that! But I'll give it a shot..."

    Until proven, it seems like that Joker has nothing to do with this assasination attempt.

  • It was probably just a random assassination attempt that the Joker had no ties too. That's what I figured at least.

  • I don't get your hate for Avesta. What has she done so far to earn that?

  • If it wasn't the Joker then who else could've ordered that attack? I think it was the Penguin.

    • Doubt it, he was under police custody and surveillance. Maybe it was another member of the pact.

      • I highly doubt the Pact was formed during that time, that was one year ago. There was one week gap between the fight in the catacombs and the press conference, maybe the Penguin was already in jail by that time and ordered someone loyal to him in the outside to execute the attack.

        • Maybe, but I have a hard time believing he wouldn't have thrown him under the bus if they captured him alive.

          Remember at this point with Lady Arakhams 'death' Oswald became the public 'face' of the Children. People wouldn't have been surprised at all, especially if Bruce played a part in his capture.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Another plot hole people forgot (or, two, I suppose):

    • How did the Penguin get into Bruce's lab in Episode 104 without the chess piece to activate the entrance? I disliked how that was conveniently glossed over. And more importantly...
    • How did Penguin go as far as to find a secret lab with Batman's tech in a hidden room beneath Bruce Wayne's office, and not figure out that Bruce Wayne was Batman?!? I'm normally willing to overlook minor consistencies like that, but this second point in particular took a forceful blow from a sledgehammer to my suspension of disbelief.
    • 1) He could have used technology like the one in his monocle to hack into the system and trace the signal.

      2) Bruce specifically hid all Bat-tech in the room under a hidden table in episode 3. Also it would be more logical for Peguin to assume that Batman just piggy-backed on the Wayne tech signal, since otherwise he should have had a clear open link to the system (which he chose not to have incase someone hacked and found it)

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