• I would like to know more about his background, he mentioned how the Agency sort of "made" him. Considering we are forced to work with them it would not hurt to know more about their methods, their true goals.

    As for Riddler proper well I don't miss him. His part in the story was done therefore he was killed off.

    Further there are many villains who need their fair share of spotlight like Bane and Harleen Quinzel.

  • Riddler is my favourite Batman villain (Gotham's portrayal of dear Ed Nygma being one of the main reasons why I love the series so much), so I would have preferred to have him around a little longer. But I guess coming up with elaborated and creative riddles every episode would put a strain on the writers that would take away from other areas of the game. I imagine that, since writing Riddler involves everything that writing any other character does (making him believable, interesting, etc) but has the added difficulty of coming up with original riddles for the players to solve, other villains do not take as much time to write.

  • He made a strong appearance but personally im glad he is out of the way so we can focus on other villains. After a few riddles and puzzles it feels lile you've seen heard them all.

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