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How do six people think that Waller finds out who Batman was?

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I think they did not do that topic. Everyone is curious to know.
More What are your theories (why I do not have any) ??

  • I think Waller just did a Sherlock.

    "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

    Thing is, people of the Batman universe usually just rule Bruce out as part of the "impossible". I think Waller just didn't. She put two and two together and instead of going "Hahah no, of course it can't be Bruce Wayne even if it would kinda make sense, that spoiled brat is busy sitting on his pretty ass spending his family's fortune all day" like most people go, she went "Ok but that's the only possibility that explains everything".

    (Oh by the way do NOT use the Sherlock Holmes method in real life unless you are an omniscient, genius super human. It is fitting for fictional scenarios, when/if we have all the information since the information is fictional and comes from a single source usually, but that's pretty much what this can be limited to, and there is always the chance of the author pulling an ex machina out of his butt and making your conclusion invalid anyway)

  • She has enough ressources at her disposal to put a name behind the cowl. She is the head of the Agency after all.
    The real question is whether or not agent Avesta will find out.

    • Harvey, Vicki, and Cobblepot were all associated with him
    • Batman disappeared while Bruce was in Arkham
    • They found the tape of Lucius dying where he calls Bruce "Batman"
    • I assumed that Agents Blake and Avesta planted a bug in his office, and that was why Avesta's questions to Bruce were so... provocative; especially the one where Avesta insinuates that Bruce is a criminal like his father.

      I am curious where this will take the relationship between Waller & Bruce; and Bruce & Avesta.

    • I'm going with this and a combination of the 'Sherlock' theory. It's profiling.

      • Range of domain - Gotham city - narrows the search drastically
      • Access to wealth - Vehicle, air travel, cutting edge technology
      • Motivation - Very public victim of violent crime
      • Physical - The Bat Suit's design gives them access to height, weight/build, decent conjecture toward age and race
      • Association - Riddler's puzzle was given to Batman, target area upon launch :: Wayne Tower
      • Previous Association - Warrants further investigation : subject interacted with Lady Arkham, Harvey Dent, Oswald Copperpot, John Doe, Carmine Falcone

      I'd like to also believe that Blake was bugging our office while Avesta served as a distraction so that they obtained confirmation through Lucius Fox's last words. He did wander around while she held our attention. They also could've planted a device while we were attempting to hide the profile that Avesta had given to Batman earlier on our desk.

    • They found the tape of Lucius dying where he calls Bruce "Batman"

      I know Lucius wasn't probably thinking straight, because of the "I'm about to die" thing, but it was such a stupid thing to do.

  • How does she know? Because she knows in the comic book.

    • This is Telltale's universe. What happens or does not happen in the comics has no relevance.

      • Oh... Selina is Catwoman in the comics. She should be Selina here! Harvey is two face in the comics, he should be i dunno, Harvey Dent himself without any mental illness or something! It has no connection man! Definitely.

        While Telltale has unique takes on its characters, the identifiable traits remain the same. Even though Oswald is very different, his unique attributes mostly remain the same (or does in future episodes). We all know Waller knows Bruce is Batman, I never expected that to change when I first saw her in the teaser pictures.

        • TellTale is really doing whatever they want with this, though. Like with Vicky Vale. They could have added Waller as a curve ball and made someone else entirely know, like Avesta. They didn't, sure, but they could have. I'm just saying, just because the comics never show (to my knowledge) how she knows, so she is just kinda implied to be very good at her job, it doesn't mean TellTale can't put their own explanation for it in the game.

  • Bruce Wayne is a good target for black mail. Also agency is filled with people who agree with methods of outside of law. This is quite opposite to Gordon who believes working within to law, to the point that if Bruce Wayne revealed his identity to him, he would arrest him by spot while apologizing that he has to do that.

    Plenty of people know or heavily suspect Bruce Wayne is Batman in various fictional stories. It's just that one reason or another they don't try to find out or confirm it. Just like Gordon tries to avoid confirming it so he can avoid arresting him.

  • I mean, if you chose to go after Mori as Bruce, then it's pretty freaking easy for Waller to put the pieces together.

    "I don't know how, but you got to my witness Mori somehow." - I'm pretty sure she just says "I don't know how" for your benefit, so as not to give away your identity in front of Gordon. She knows how. Bruce Wayne randomly shows up at Mori's casino, has a private chat with the guy, pins him against the wall and then leaves, only for Batman to suddenly be following a trail he could only have gotten from Mori. Pretty obvious. The agents guarding Mori may not have heard what exactly you talked about, but even Bruce just being there is still a massive tell.

    • You could have always spun this as Bruce merely working with the Batman. It might not be how they unveiled his secret, I think them bugging his office is more likely.

      • Waller's a pretty clever woman. I feel like once you have "Bruce Wayne is an associate of Batman", it's not that hard to make the final conclusion.

        • I'm not so sure. Would could suspect Bruce Wayne of all people would be able to pull off what Batman does ? It's hard to conceive really.

          But anyway this does not matter all that much as Waller has more than enough ressources to crack that egg.

          I don't think your average Gotham citizen is not already aware of the Wayne Enterprises-Batman connection but going so far as to assert Bruce Wayne IS Batman ? That's one step too far.

    • Is it possible that they found some DNA or other evidence pointing towards Bruce being Batman?

  • I'm a little confused by the "How do six people" part.

    • There is only one person in Gotham that can afford the technology and advantages that Batman use.

    • His family died when he was just a kid so he has a reason to become Batman.

    • When Batman fights with criminals, Bruce is nowhere to be found.

    • Batman is the only person that never seen with Bruce.

    • Bruce broke up with Harvey and Penguin and afterwards, Batman immediately fight back against them in order to solve "Bruce's" problems.

    • After Batman took the puzzle of Riddler, it exploded in Wayne Tower, for the obvious reasons.

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