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What are your worries and concerns regarding The Final Season?

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What are some potential missteps Telltale could take for The Final Season that give you the most concern?

  • Yet another Angry Dad climax.

    Another one-note, falsifying, or irredeemable villain.

    More controversial racism, ableism, or sexism.

  • That it would be toned down even more than season 3 to appeal to younger players. Basically more cheesy sitcom and rom com type dialouge that doesn't really belong in a zombie apocalypse.

  • A continuation of ANF where the games gradually decrease in quality.

  • None. I dn't care anymore. Batman right now>

  • Not really a worry, but seeing how it's the last season, it be nice to bring some elements back from season 1, like longer episodes and a chance to be able to interact more with characters.

    • Lol can't see that happening. Even if they did bring more interaction back, it won't be the same as the way Season 1's interaction was where even the minor optional choices you ask someone could be important and not just a major choice. Those days are gone sadly

  • My concerns will be episode lengths.

    • Characters like Christa, Lilly and Arvo will show up in Clementine's life again against all odds, especially with the "I got lucky" excuse for Christa

    • Any characters that returned from before ANF will become bastardized versions of themselves

    • AJ will be captured and become little more than a plot device yet again and we'll have very little interaction with him

    • Clementine will die no matter what choices you make simply because it's the final installment in her story

    • Choice descriptions will be misleading once again like "Tell Him Off"

    I'll update if I think of more

  • I have a lot of concerns, but most of all - I just hope they're not just putting out this story to get it over and done with. I want the writers involved to do their very best and actually care about this project. Look back into seasons 1 and 2. Find out what worked, what didn't. What are the fans saying? ALL fans, not just a majority. Don't focus on just the positive feedback, and when you pay attention to the negative feedback try to understand why. If the writers do not care about this story anymore then they should not even bother writing it; like forcing Clementine in season 3.

  • Lack of flashbacks featuring older (non-Kenny/Jane/AJ) characters

    Everything looking brown like in the past season or two

    Lack of...just, stuff in general

    1. Episode lengths being under the one hour and fourty five minutes mark.

    2. Ridiculously short development time. Early 2018, what is this, Call of Duty?

    3. Joan being at the ranch. Yawn. Cliche character.

    4. Continuation of bad writing and even more cuts and disorganization from the development team.

    5. I'd like to know what happened to at least one of these people, Lilly or Christa. This is the final season. I'm sick of new people instead of people who we can relate to. (I WOULD RATHER HAVE DLC TO EXPLAIN THEIR STORY, please do this?!)

    6. AJ being stretched out for the full five episodes because Joan or Clint, or some other random cliche villan decides 'Lol no, I'm going to stop you from taking this baby for X reason, and then you'll have to challenge me at the end of the season'.

    7. Me having to write another rant on this board.

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