Worst ANF Character

I'd say my worst ANF character was Kate, followed by Gabe. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Who was the worst character to you from ANF?



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    Tripp, followed by either Mariana or Badger.

  • Tripp was pretty annoying especially with his love for Eleanor.

  • Which ANF character is the worst? Damn... This is the hardest choice I've ever seen.


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  • Every single character except Javi and Clem. But Kate and Gabe are the ones that I can never stand.

  • I guess I would go with Gabe or Conrad. Gabe was an example of the typical annoying child character in TWD series and it becomes a cliche already. Conrad also was another dissappointment because he never had an important role of later on in episode 3-4-5. Because majority choose to kill him so there was no point to keep him active on afterwards. He lazily written out in scenario where he decided to go and wait out of Richmond then he comes back to save Javi and also sacrifice himself for saving Javi even they didnt have any good intentions on each other so far in order to redeem himself. This season throwed all of the cliches right at us.

  • Tripp or Joan. Both are equally bad.

    Honorable mentions go to Conrad, Eleanor and Jane (even though she's a main character in S2 and barely has screen time in ANF)

  • Can't we have a best thread for once? >_<

  • No, actually Gabe was one of the better ones. Though whether or not that's due to a lack of competition is up for debate.

  • That would be nice, yes.

  • Marianna

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    You even misspelled her name, tctc.

  • What would we complain about in a best thread?

  • Goddammit, really? I thought I had it memorized by now.

  • Huh. Only one n. Sorry, got her mixed up with the L&W SVU actress--easy mistake.

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    Tripp - He was annoying as he kept on going on about Eleanor. Didn’t like him when I first saw him.

    Eleanor - Boring character that turns into a traitor, then begs for forgiveness, pointless being in the storyline.

    Francine - She had like a couple of scenes then boom, dead. We only know that she is Conrad’s girlfriend and that she plays cards!

    Hector - Presumed died off-screen with no mention about him.

    Gabe - I wish Mariana replaced him as she was nice. Gabe was annoying.

    Clementine - She is my favourite character still, but she was just there for fans. You know how poorly the flashbacks turned out like. Telltale should of saved the flashbacks for The Finale Season.

    Javier - Did not like him from the start, I just wanted to play as Clementine again.

    David - He was pretty much the storyline. He was a 2.0 of Kenny also they have the same models in ANF!

    Conrad - It was nice to see Telltale having a triple determinate character, but it was poorly executed with no purpose to the storyline. Telltale should of just stuck to his first death.

    Jesus - Probably the worse character out there so far! So cringe for him to be in the game, felt like I was watching a comedy film.

    Jane/Kenny/Edith - Not the characters faults, but they are stupid in ANF because of Telltale.

    Well pretty much every character as I didn’t like how this Season turned out, my opinion.

  • :lol:

    Great, now I'm actually curious about the context.

  • It didn't exactly help, sure, but there are bigger issues than that.

  • I warned you, but you didn't stop hating on mah girl Mari.

    Fear me, I am an angry little kitty!

    Still love you though.
  • I wish, would've made the choice much easier lol

  • Most of them were pretty terrible. David had potential, but they squandered it by forcing the love triangle crap. I'm just going to leave it at a tie between any of the Garcias.

  • Ahhahahahahahaha I know it's a hard question.

  • I wanted to make this thread lol so no, I guess?

  • Episode 3: I respect her wishes.


    And then asks for love advice. Tripp, pls.

  • Episode 3: I respect her wishes.
    . * One dead Badger later *
    Episode 3: I'm gonna ask Eleanor to marry me.

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  • Beautiful. <3
    Badger's death influenced that. It all makes sense now. Curse you, Badger!

    Don't forget:
    Follow your heart, Tripp.
    Wait for a better time.
    Get over it. She doesn't want you.
    Fuck off, Javi.

  • Get a room you two....I like Mari...though to be fair...they killed her so fast...she never had any time to annoy me. Gabe....now Gabe...he has to die. There is teen angst..and then there is basic fuckery that he puts everyone through.

    I like Kate.

  • ...I wasn't gonna say anything, personally. :grin:

  • Because David wasn't hinted at being someone struggling to return to civilian life with his conversation with Xavier and the brief mention of his deceased commanding officer before he was just full on "ERMAGERD RAGE AT BROTHER NO MATTER WHAT HE SAY"

    In the end he was just as shallow as the rest of the cast.

  • Because David wasn't hinted at being someone struggling to return to civilian life with his conversation with Xavier

    Uh, yeah. Pretty much the dealsealer.

  • David was okay in my book, Kate was annoying to me.

  • When Kennyshouladiedins1 called you a nutter a while back and now messages you like nothing happened:

    enter image description here


    they killed her so fast

    You forgot "for shock value".

    she never had any time to annoy me.

    You're easily annoyed, eh?

    Gabe...now Gabe...he has to die. There is teen angst..

    And there isn't with Clementine? That doesn't mean I want her to die.
    Sorry, I don't share your opinion.

    and then there is basic fuckery that he puts everyone through.

    Nah. He was pretty great in my game.

    I like Kate.

    Yeah, Kate was okay. Can't say I am a big fan of her, though her slapping David satisfied me. I hated the forced romance. Nevertheless, she is a wasted character.

  • Don't get me started on Kate, I could not stand her. David was ambiguous, though. They gave you glimpses of who he was and what he was going through, then they took the lazy route out to end his ark. I'm glad ANF is over, but I wish we could have gotten something noteworthy from it since we waited so long.

  • For me, it has to be Badger, Tripp and David.

    Badger is your typical violent bandit. He kills a child in cold blood for no reason, doesn't show remorse over his actions and even says that he would do it again. No effort was put into him. It's obvious that the writers wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. He is easily the most aggrivating character in ANF. His death was a mercy to the story.

    I don't hate Tripp as such, but he is very inconsistent. He is calm one moment, angry the other. From the Prescotties, he got the most non-determinate screentime and we learn nothing about him. We barely see Eleanor and Conrad. Honestly, these two deserved more screentime and development.
    Tripp's love for Eleanor is probably the main thing about him... oh well.

    Like @thewalkingclementine above said, David was pretty much the storyline. The entire story[except Ties That Bind(?)] was about him and only him. The entire cast, even the character we play as, were neglected in his favour. There is much more interesting stuff that would have made the game engaging: Eleanor and Clementine's dynamic, Vengeful Conrad, learning more about The New Frontier, etc.

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