Walking Dead Determinant deaths work like Final destination movies

Basically if you have to choose which character has to live in any game it creates some sort of time warp space time continuem paradox bullcrap where even if you save the other character, that same character will still die in the future as Final Destination physics sets in.

Sound familiar? From the Final Destination movies plot line is that if the people were suppose to die in the plane that was suppose to crash, that the paradox would catch up to them and kill them through different "accidents" in the future.

just like in the walking dead< picking between Ava and Tripp, both were suppose to die but picking one of the other will jsut kill the other in the future.

Remember picking between doug and the other chick? Or Kenny or Jane? Both dead, but different times. So if you let Kate live in TNF, well... sorry guys.

Seeing that we see there are different paths that are possible, >> TTWALKING DEAD IS IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS THE FINAL DESTINATION MOVIES<<

sorry guys whenever you got to choose who lives in Season 4, just remember these physics.


  • Well that s mostly cause telltale s been lazy on the determinant handling in TWD i mean in some of their other games there were determinants who could live thought the whole game while in TWD thoughtout 3 seasons they only made one Conrad.

  • At this point I only have one reaction to character deaths.

    enter image description here

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