The possibility of a major choice in Episode 3

This is something I have just realize after playing episode 3 of GotG, and I recently saw the trailer for episode 3 of Minecraft season 2. What both games have in common is that it changes both the storyline and the gameplay if you picked a major choice that would affect the game.

So with that is there a possibility that it could happen in this?

If it did then what you think would happen? Would we join the Pact or not as Bruce Wayne? With Waller knowing Bruce Wayne's identity would there be a possibility of leading a pre-Suicide Squad team as Batman?

I still hoped for the possibility of reforming some of the villains and make them allies. Bane and Harley are my hopes

What do you think. Would they add a major choice that would change the gameplay like with GotG and Minecraft season 2? If they are then what would like to see?


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