Who did you bring with you



  • "I did it for Stella" jacks mind: BITCH WHAT THE FUCKKK

    If you chose to say “i did it for Stella” jack gives you a death stare

  • Probably the hardest choice in game. I brought Nurm though.

  • Such a hard choice, but I chose to bring Lluna.

    Nurm volunteered, and I did say to Stella I would look after Lluna, and thought saving Lluna might have helped Stella be on my side more against the Admin, although I was disappointed that part of the story never happened. She just did the whole funny acting thing in Episode 5 when you see her.

  • "Useful"

    P.A.M.A flashbacks
    Ehhhh let's not deal with that one hehe (chipped Lluna and Nurm... yeah no thanks)

    1st time: Nerm 2nd time: Lluna Gotta admit, their both useful.

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