What did you do in Episode 3?

What i mean by that is What did you build for the painter (Mushroom) Did you choose to stay prisoner or become a associate? What food did you get Radar? (Cookie or Stew) Did you shear the Mushroom? Please point out any other things.

I cant answer the mushroom once, but i became a associate, then restarted to be prisoner. I got Cookie, then stew next. I sheared the mushroom both times.


  • Built a 3D red-and-white mushroom; stayed a prisoner; didn't know about the cookie; did not shear the mooshroom.

  • You can get a cookie?

  • If you agree to become an a associate, yes you can.

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    You can get a cookie?

  • I stayed prisoner, I gave Radar a stew, I didn't shear the mooshroom, I helped Xara.

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    Associate or Prisoner: I choose to become an associate to save Radar and continued to try and work that angle as a means to escape.

    Painter: I built a red mushroom spotted with white on a layer of dirt.

    Cookie or Stew: Because I was an associate, I was able to get Radar a cookie. Incidentally, I tried to claim the sword was mine but the prisoner mucked it up because he thought I was taking credit for it and admitted it was his.

    Mooshroom: I sheared Geoff but I honestly thought the Warden would just order someone else to do it if I didn't and so I thought it might as well be me since it could help further my standing with him. I felt bad when I discovered that the Warden does not order someone else to do it. I felt even worse afterwards when I realized that Geoff basically ceased to exist because he despawned into a regular cow and I wasn't aware of that when I had to make the decision. When Oxblood tried to take a swing at me in the armory, I let him because I thought he deserved it.

    Xara: I helped Xara because we're in an alliance and she allegedly knows the way out.


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