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How do you control ToMI?

posted by Woodsyblue on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
How do you move Guybrush around? W,A,S,D keys? Arrow keys? Mouse drag? A zany combination of mouse and keyboard?

If you feel like it, explain why you gravitated towards your control method of choice.

I personally mouse drag. I find it more relaxing using only one arm.

Edit: Apologies to my Wii brethren for not including you in the poll. The controls are a big deal for many PC users so the aim of this poll was to test the demographics of the different PC controls.
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  • Same here, and while I was put off by it at first once you get the hang of it I find that I like it better than the old point'n'click method in getting around.
  • I'm using wasd the whole time, can't get used to the mouse.
  • I just do any :P but I keep point clicking by instict
  • As I mentioned in other thread - I'm already a big fan of the mouse dragging. I find it a great alternative of the p&c and I like to play the game relaxed with one free hand. :)
  • I'm now quite spoiled by it - I was playing Wallace and Gromit and trying to drag them around lol.

    I was playing Wallace & Gromit the other day and was thinking, Dammit, why won't you mouse drag?:mad: I think just having the option is good.

    I like the control method in Sam & Max Season 2, where if you hold the mouse button down (and double click to run,) Sam follows the cursor. The old point and click method was unbearable in sections where screen panned. You just had to keep clicking at every newly revealed inch of screen until you got to where you wanted to be. I understand why Telltale is trying to veer away from that control method, even if what they have tried so far hasn't been a smash success with the fans.
  • I use WASD, I'm used to it from other games.
  • W,A,S,D keys are what I used. I've used them a fair bit ever since playing Star Wars KOTOR and I must say that I prefer them to the arrow keys. The mouse drag thing is just stupid in my opinion... but hey, If it suits you them who am I to complain or critisize?
  • WASD. Though it's a bit annoying that you cant scroll the dialogue options with W and S. If I want to use the keys for that, I'm forced to use up and down arrow keys.

    Mousedragging still feels completely unnatural, and with the constant change of cameras it's confusing as well. Maybe someday, I'll get used to it, with a little bit of practice.
  • I find dragging quite natural and provides much more precise control then WASD. Trying to easily change direction while moving using WASD is a PITA. While it is quite easy to do so using mouse dragging such as in the jungle.
    Woodsyblue wrote: »
    I was playing Wallace & Gromit the other day and was thinking, Dammit, why won't you mouse drag?

    I drag W&G around using a script I made when the game first came out. See this post.
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