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How do you control ToMI?

posted by Woodsyblue on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
How do you move Guybrush around? W,A,S,D keys? Arrow keys? Mouse drag? A zany combination of mouse and keyboard?

If you feel like it, explain why you gravitated towards your control method of choice.

I personally mouse drag. I find it more relaxing using only one arm.

Edit: Apologies to my Wii brethren for not including you in the poll. The controls are a big deal for many PC users so the aim of this poll was to test the demographics of the different PC controls.
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  • i use pointnclick as much as i can (clicking objects to walk)
    my hand hurts holding down the mousebutton(s) all the time, i will never get used to clickndrag :(
    its an abomination and hopefully it wont be ever used again for an adventure game
  • i use wasd. arrow keys are just wrong.
  • Whatever I feel like.
    And in narrow rooms I prefer the keys.
  • Arrow keys. I never use WASD if I can help it. I'm left-handed, so my mouse is on that side of the keyboard already, meaning that switching back and forth between the keys and the mouse gets awkward--I prefer to keep one hand on the control keys and another on the mouse. (It's a habit I picked up from too many hours of Half-Life, what can I say.)

    I tried just using the mouse, but the click-and-drag always feels clunky to me. Like I'm trying to lasso Guybrush and drag him across the screen.
  • I refuse to use the keyboard for an adventure game in the 21st century, so it's the mouse drag - with emphasis on drag

    Telltale, while not as bad as Wallace and Gromit, the control scheme is still dumb - why could you not adopt S&M's ?
  • SupahFly wrote: »
    with one free hand. :)

  • I miss the ability to click on the screen and have him walk there, but the the mouse draging works.

    I tried using the keyboard for W&G but couldn't get the hang of it, I ended up using my 360 controller.

    I got a bit stuck with running round the calender in EP1 and the controller was still easiest.
  • Is everyone aware that clicking a hotspot makes Guybrush walk to it? You only have to walk to move the camera around the scene or to go to another scene, it's not really a big deal and I actually prefer it greatly to mashing my mouse button all over the screen to walk around and accidentally clicking hotspots I didn't mean to.
  • WASD+Mouse. It's second nature to me, even if it's odd in adventure games.

    I tried W+M1, but it appears that ol' Guybrush doesn't have a flamethrower.
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