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How do you control ToMI?

posted by Woodsyblue on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
How do you move Guybrush around? W,A,S,D keys? Arrow keys? Mouse drag? A zany combination of mouse and keyboard?

If you feel like it, explain why you gravitated towards your control method of choice.

I personally mouse drag. I find it more relaxing using only one arm.

Edit: Apologies to my Wii brethren for not including you in the poll. The controls are a big deal for many PC users so the aim of this poll was to test the demographics of the different PC controls.
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  • Tyraa Rane wrote: »
    Arrow keys. I never use WASD if I can help it. I'm left-handed, so my mouse is on that side of the keyboard already, meaning that switching back and forth between the keys and the mouse gets awkward--I prefer to keep one hand on the control keys and another on the mouse. (It's a habit I picked up from too many hours of Half-Life, what can I say.)

    I tried just using the mouse, but the click-and-drag always feels clunky to me. Like I'm trying to lasso Guybrush and drag him across the screen.
    Same here, being left handed, it just feels more comfortable using the arrow keys :)
  • Neither. Real pirates are sailing the seas with a gamepad, of course.
  • at first i hated the mouse controls and used wasd instead, but with time i got used to it.
  • All Mouse, All the time.
  • Mouse drag. It's become second nature to use it now. I hate WASD or arrow key controls.
  • Nunchuck and WiiMote

    Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot about the Wii users :eek: Though this really is more of an experiment to see how the PC gamers play, seeing as PC players have all those options.

    Sorry, though :(
  • It's weird, I played episode one with almost exclusively the WASD controls. Then I played episode two with almost exclusively the click-and-drag control. Strange.
  • SupahFly wrote: »
    As I mentioned in other thread - I'm already a big fan of the mouse dragging. I find it a great alternative of the p&c and I like to play the game relaxed with one free hand. :)
    Same thoughts here.

    I really like the new mouse controls. By clicking and holding the mouse button to move you - at least these are my feelings - more get the sense of beeing into the game.

    For my share with the new mouse dragging option there is a higher feeling of interaction than it is with P&C.

    Running also works fine in this case.
  • I actually use the 360 controller I always have plugged in in place of WSAD and my mouse for clicking. I prefer actual analog turning instead of being locked into eight directions with WSAD controls. I rest the 360 controller in my lap and use my left hand for the analog stick (and left bumper to run) and right hand up on the mouse. Works pretty well.

    Edit: I'd actually love if there were a way to bind the cursor movement to the right analog stick and just go fully controller, honestly.
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