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How do you control ToMI?

posted by Woodsyblue on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
How do you move Guybrush around? W,A,S,D keys? Arrow keys? Mouse drag? A zany combination of mouse and keyboard?

If you feel like it, explain why you gravitated towards your control method of choice.

I personally mouse drag. I find it more relaxing using only one arm.

Edit: Apologies to my Wii brethren for not including you in the poll. The controls are a big deal for many PC users so the aim of this poll was to test the demographics of the different PC controls.
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  • StarEye;188791 said:
    WASD. Though it's a bit annoying that you cant scroll the dialogue options with W and S. If I want to use the keys for that, I'm forced to use up and down arrow keys.
    Yeah, I agree.
  • Love the click-n-drag technique, I don't know how I got along without it!
    Went back and played some Sam & Max, and was constantly trying to drag. haha.
  • It depends on the scene I'm in; sometimes its easier or faster to use drag, or faster to use the keys.

    Most of the time I click hotspots to move around, and only use the controls when I need to get back to the full screen view to select another hotspot.
  • Mainly been using the wasd keys. Mouse control style is alright. Doesn't seem to be an improvement over point n click. It eliminates the need to sometimes continually click on the edge of the screen to navigate certain panoramic environments, and replaces it with the need to constantly press and hold a button to walk. Would've liked p&c to be a possible control scheme, perhaps selectable in the options menu. Not too hurt by it's loss. Every game is different and has different needs.
  • I use mouse drag because traditionally these games were made to be mouse control only.
    Since you can't point and click on a ground location to move... dragging is the next best thing
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    34% for mouse drag!! Incredible! I thought that was the most stupid control mechanism ever. Obviously, others get along with it far better. Voted for WSAD...
  • Seriously? Most people use mouse-drag? It seems so counter-intuitive and forces me to use arrows/WASD, not that I mind. I love the arrows. I'd really like the controls to be customized, though.
  • None of these options, i use Xbox360 controller plus XPadder for beeing able to explore the scene via the right analog stick.

    I would love to see mouse point&click support like in Bone, Sam&Max and StrongBad.
  • As I said earlier, after a few attempts I found I liked mouse-drag alot better than p&c. I think I was put off at first in the same way I was initially put off using mouse for FPSes and third-person action games: hard to use initially, but easy to master. I avoided using the mouse until I realised that I needed to use it to be any good at Max Payne, and after a day I realised that I could not go back to the keyboard.

    In a way, I feel the keyboard controls actually hinder learning the drag method, as it gives players an easy way out that isn't actually easier, when if they stuck with it they might get used to it. Then again, some people might not be able to get used to it (like me with gamepads, hideous things), so maybe not.

    It is interesting to see that there seems to be a fairly even split between keyboard, mouse and combination, with combination only lagging a little bit relatively speaking.
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