This Season has been fantastic !

Great season so far, I think this is one of Telltale's best series and the possibilities are endless with the Batman mythos. It's been great to see it get more recognition and hopefully it continues for future seasons.



  • I agree! Not that Season 1 was mediocre or anything, but the jump in quality from Season 1 to Season 2 really caught me off guard (in a good way). I like that Season 2 is relying more on telling its own story as opposed to the Season 1 approach of taking an established story line and using tons of plot twists.

  • Yeah, I'm absolutely enjoying this season. Telltale's doing an amazing job with Batman, and I hope they're able to do many more seasons.

  • Definitely. They're making s2 everything a Telltale Batman should be, and doing well in areas where s1 fell completely flat. When it was first announced i was pretty mad that they were making s2, but after making it so phenomenal I hope there are more seasons.

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    I used to think this season was no better or worse than the first one. But the newest episode made me change my mind. Having Bruce behind enemy lines really added some high-end stakes to the story and I fucking love that. Not to mention that I really love what they did with the Joker/ Harley relationship this time around.

  • To be honest, I think this is going to be one of their biggest success. You can see that they are struggling and trying to give us a great both gameplay and storyline experience and they have successfully done that ! I can't wait to play the next 2 episodes and the FINALE. OH BOOOI NERDGASM

  • I agree. I haven't been this invested in a Telltale game since Walking Dead S2!

    And it just shocks me even more because season 1 wasn't even that good. I think they are nailing the characters this season, and the whole "your relationship has changed" thing is pretty great too.

    Here's hoping that the rest of the episodes are just as great as the first two!

  • Episode 1 was great. Initially impressed by episode 2 upon playing it for the very first time, but now that I ponder over it more thoroughly I lament the slow story progression. I still liked the episode, but the pacing wasn't right.
    I wanted more Tiffany-Bruce interactions as well.

    I hope episode 3 will pick up the pace. I want to see what the Pact are up to and who is really pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

  • I do think next episode needs to be longer due to the amount of characters and storylines.

    Episode 1 was great. Initially impressed by episode 2 upon playing it for the very first time, but now that I ponder over it more

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    Its surprisingly great. The first season was average at best really but Telltale has really delivered with this season. The story is exciting and feels planned out, the characters interesting (not like ANF for an example), there seem to be more choices & consequences etc.

    I really hope they dont fuck it up with the last two episodes. This is the best Telltale game since Borderlands

  • I am very impressed with the second season of their Batman series. I've played about every TellTale Game from The Walking Dead onwards (with the exception of Minecraft--I have no interest at all in it), and to be honest, I thought the first Batman season was the worst one I played. The characters were either shallow or underdeveloped and I never really care about any of them. This time around, though, the characters are a lot more interesting and they've also been much more thoroughly developed compared to the first season. I really liked the Riddler from the first episode. I also like the longer episodes, which are more like 2 hours rather than 1 hour and 20 or 30 minutes. Reminds me of the first Walking Dead. I think this may be my favorite Telltale game in recent times. If I had to rank it as of right now (assuming that the last 2 episodes don't ruin it), it's up to my top 3. I would give it an 8.5 out of 10 right now. To compare, I'd give the first season a 5/10.

  • This season is as good as TWDG S1 and The Wolf Among us and what we see in the episodes to come could even further that claim.

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