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Install on multiple computers?

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Can I install my game both on my computer at school and at home, or do I need two licences? CD rom games you can carry back and forth, but how about Sam & max?
Am I out of luck?
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  • Erwin;12105 said:
    The ideal solution would be for the application to send a de-installation report to the server if you uninstall the game, which opens up another slot of the 5 allowed. I'm probably overlooking something in this idea here, so I'll just shut up and go to bed :D


    I like this idea.
  • What happens when Telltale games goes out of business?
    (Now I dont hope it will happen, but it could...)

    Will we no longer be able to play Sam&Max?
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    If you run out of activations, let us know and we'll take care of it.

    Telltale has said many times that if the company goes out of business, we'll make sure people can play the games they paid for. But I don't see that happening any time soon. ;)
  • God help us if you do ;)

  • Ok. Lovely we're able to run Sam and Max on several comps. Now my question : How??? Telltale doesnt recognize my userinfo, and when i created an account with the same email i ordered te game with, it still requires another purchase to activate. Please inform.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    To activate a game you've already paid for:

    1) Download the demo version from our website. (For Culture Shock, this would be here.)
    2) Install and run the game.
    3) On the first game screen, click "I've already purchased this" and enter your order number and the password you created when you placed the order. (Note that this is NOT the same as the password for your MyTelltale account... it's the one you chose as part of the checkout process.)

    If you need a password reminder or don't have your order number, let us know and we can retrieve it for you. (You'll need to provide your first/last name and the email address you used to make the purchase so we can find it.)
  • I dont get it. I already own S&M:CS and installed the demo on my laptop, but I dont see any "I`ve already purchased this" button anywhere...

    Am I going blind or ...


    Lol, yes I must be going blind... Been staring at the screen for 10 min... and there it was, right at the bottom... My bad :D
  • Montag;11571 said:
    What do you mean with up to five computers?
    Does the game check my hardware? What if I upgrade my PC, or change parts of it? I do that quite often, so changing my hardware 5 times can happen within a month or two.
    Can I still activate the game then?
    I am curious about his as well. I swap out hardisks fairly often and also swap out GPU's for testing. This form of DRM/Copy Protection is rather flawed if swapping out my hardware will kill it.

    I think you need to have this all spelled out more clearly at your purchase screen.
  • I have a problem - Ive copied the full set of files across to my laptop which has no internet connection, and when I click "Ive already paid for this" it comes up with something like "One or More Tags Missing". What should I do to get Sam n Max goodness on the go?
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    That message indicates that something went wrong with the download (or in this case, it's probably because you copied the files from one place to another). You need to do a fresh install on your laptop. You should have the setup file on your computer still from when you downloaded it before (it's in a temp file unless you moved it to another location before downloading, but you can find it by doing a search). If you can't find it, here is a direct link to the file you need to install on your laptop:

    After you install on your laptop, click Activation Support and send us the hardware fingerprint from the laptop, and we'll send back an activation key. This is currently the only way to activate one of our games on a non-connected computer. Once it's activated, an internet connection will not be needed to play.
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