The hell? I got episode 4 for free. Mods? Anyone else?

Went to the Xbox store and it said I owned episode 4 and allowed me to install it. Now I feel guilty as I’m ripping Telltale off. Haven’t played it yet.

Did this happen to anyone else?


  • I’ve checked my order history. No episode 4 receipt, strange.

  • Take that episode... and RUN!

  • At least you got it, while we are here waiting for it on ps4 in UK and telltale are being assholes and not telling us shit!

  • The same happened to me with season 1 episode 6... so yeah, weird

  • Same to my friend on season 1. He got ep 1-6 free and it didn't say of pay.

  • If you want to satisfy your curiosity of how this occurred, I would say the best people to contact would be Xbox support, as they are the ones that maintain the store:
    Although, there is the chance that all they'll do is take away your download and say "There! Problem solved!", but if you don't want the guilt of having the license to play a game that you didn't pay for, then I guess that'd be the way to go.

    Or perhaps you were randomly selected to receive a free game as part of a secret competition! :D

  • Same for me.

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