(EPISODE 3 SPOILERS) Could Bane know about Riddler's vendetta against SANCTUS?

So in Episode 3 we discovered SANCTUS. A rogue part of the Agency involved in human experiments. It seems that they did something to Riddler and he was out for revenge. I could be wrong but it seems that most of the Pact are only interested because of whatever weapons they may find. I wonder if Bane might've known about Riddler's revenge? I ask this because he's the only member of the Pact who calls Riddler a friend.

"As Riddler's friend, I have to ask, are you here for payback?"
"He did not deserve such an end"

They seem to have been friends and yet Bane had never heard of Project Lotus until he hears you tell Harley about it. Harley seems to have known about Project Lotus but not Bane. Do you think Bane kows anything about Riddler's grudge against SANCTUS? If not, why do you think Riddler never told him?


  • Riddler hid it from everybody. I'm guessing Bane wasn't that close to him. Just a mutual respectful friendship-ish thing. I think the Pact knew that Riddler wanted to hit a blacksite. Just some of them didn't know the code name. How Harley knows it I have no idea. Maybe she worked there before? Eh.

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