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First Impressions - Wow

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That's all I can say. Wow.

This is GOOD. I wasn't expecting this quality from a "small" studio. Everything is top notch. The graphics are great. The voice acting is great. The writing is great (well, good enough but it could have a little more energy). The interface is beyond great. VERY good adventure game interface! The camera works perfectly. You can tell this game was made with love. Or high octane gas. Either or.

I'm more than pleased, and happy. I'm crying in my lunch at the thought of a new era of adventure games.

Worth every penny!
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  • So true, great production values here. I played only about 10 minutes the trial (i purchased the game but i am plagued with the ARM1014 error) but that was really enjoyable, but then again i am an easy audience for Sam and Max since i am a fan :P

    Good good good job !
  • All this rampant weenie cannibalism turns my stomach.

  • Agreed... especially regarding the interface. Although I do miss the option of using max, then clicking another object. Sigh.

    But still, best adventure game interface/engine to date, imho.
  • It's living up to my expectations in every way, I love it \o/
  • This game is great! Have played a while now.. Love it! Thx Telltale
  • It's not only wow, it's.. Something better than that ^^
    The graphics are amazing but it runs so well on my cheap 460€ PC. Other game studios should ask you how you're doing your job ;)

    I really loved the original Sam & Max and when Lucas Arts announced Sam & Max 2, I was so happy, it looked great. And then they cancelled it and I hated them for that ^^ But here it is and it just feels like Sam and Max all over. You did an awesome job on the game, I just bought the whole season and I hope the other seasons will be as good as the first one.

    Now, I'm only waiting for Monkey Island Season 1 *wink* ^^
  • yeah finally Sam&Max will be continued :)

    i played sam and max hit the road many many times

    i just finished the game (Really only 3 hours playtime)

    yeah it is one episode from a whole season, but i just think 3 hours isn't enough, i have that feeling that i only played a half game or less
  • the graphics are amazing, the voice acting is good but the audio quality of it is poor.. very fuzzy effect maybe due to compression. great so far
  • I haven't finished it yet, but have a feeling I'm getting close.

    I'm very, very impressed with the game. My hat off to everyone who worked on it.

    This feels just so much more alive and breathing than Bone (atleast the first one, I never purchased the second).

    I finally got that old-timey Lucasarts feeling from way back, which no game since Lucas in their prime have been able to give me.

  • It was worth the 13 years wait. good job! Can't wait for the next one. Forgot about the voice actors being different within the first 5 minutes. they were very similar.
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