Winged Cloud Exposed! Please watch and share, this is serious!

I tend to avoid anything dramatic so I never expected to make a discussion like this but after watching this video, I am disgusted, something needs to be done. Please watch this and spread it around, regardless of how you feel about Wingedcloud and their games. This isn't about the quality of their games, it's about the treatment of Artists, voice actors and more! I can't do the story justice, just please watch and share the video wherever possible. What's most upsetting to me about this, is the idea that this will be swept under the rug, forgotten and nothing will be done. I know it's a long video but please, I swear this is worth your time. Honestly this is intolerable, and the worst part of it to me is the situation that the artist Wanaca is stuck in. I'd be terrible at explaining so please, just watch and feel free to leave your thoughts.


  • Well...ok these hentai games seem to have a track record of shady dealings and mistreatment of artists. Voice actors have a union they could join...but artists...I dunno. It is easy to say she should just tell the guy to go f himself...but it sounds like there are other things going on there.

    Until she is able to escape the situation, I do not think there is anything that can be done. She may be naïve to her rights...and it could be that she manages to make enough on the side that she tolerates the mistreatment.

    It definitely calls for regulation...but the nature of the games being 18+ works against the artists because the games industry ignores it and does not care.

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    I don't think the games being NSFW should mean the issue should be ignored. I understand what you're saying though.

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