Would you kill Romeo?


  • No. Everyone deserves redemption.

  • Agreed.

    AnimalBoy posted: »

    No. Everyone deserves redemption.

  • I did pardon him, his ... well SKIN I really love it haha

  • I generally prefer to leave villains alive because I find it more interesting to see what happens afterwards. Exceptions exist, however.

    That said, I always intended to leave Romeo alive because he's my favorite character of the whole series. Half-way through the season, I knew I wouldn't be able to bring myself to kill him either directly or indirectly.

  • Yes, a thousand times.

  • Well I did want him to redeem himself but instead he sacrificed himself and got crushed. But it’s so amazing how the guy who caused so much fear and anxiety and trouble is the guy who ends up saving us!

  • I couldn't kill the poor guy. He was so sad. Xara will probably do it for me.

  • I saved him. Just because I couldn't kill him.

  • Keeping in line with how I usually play Jesse back during Season 1 (Who is ruthless and merciless toward enemies), my Jesse couldn't forgive him for what he has done (He blew up Champion City) and shown him no sympathy as he left him to die.

  • Did you save him just for his skin?

    TNTUP posted: »

    I did pardon him, his ... well SKIN I really love it haha

  • Nope, I felt sad for him

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