Disc version broken?

Hi, i got the disc version of Season 2 a few weeks ago on sale. I recently finished chapter 1 but i can't download any other chapters. It just says coming soon. Are all the chapters out for the disc version or is mine broken? Can anyone help? Thanks.


  • Hi, are you connected to playstation network?

  • chapter? or episode?

  • Hi, yeah i'm connected to the PSN. When i load the game up i do the 'press x to begin'. Then it does 'connecting, checking for DLC', loads to the main menu. Then Episodes 2-5 are all greyed out saying episode coming soon. It's Episode 1 that i finished which one that it says Restart Episode 1. Under the description of where it says for example "Episode 2: Giant consequences", it says "purchased, coming soon". It says that for episode 2-5.

    On the main menu where it says Season Passes, i click in there and it says 'Season two. Follow Jesse & friends on their next adventure! Season pass purchased. Play now'.

  • Hmm, and do you have your telltale account logged in in your game?

    tupac_742 posted: »

    Hi, yeah i'm connected to the PSN. When i load the game up i do the 'press x to begin'. Then it does 'connecting, checking for DLC

  • I think Telltale Support is where your supposed to go. Also, try uninstalling and re-installing.

  • Try looking for the episodes on the store not via the game menu, I had a similar problem with the Walking Dead series and that solved it for me.

  • Have you updated the game?

  • Thanks for the replies. I haven't had time to come on with it being xmas time and new year. I have tried all the things suggested with no success :( . I've uninstalled, re-installed, looked on the store (says i have to buy the episodes) and have my TellTale account logged in. I might just pay for the single episodes anyway now, i can't seem t find a way around getting it to work. I thought it was a bargain on sale for £15 for the disc version lol. It's put me off buying TellTale games on discs like. I've been reading that it seems to be a common problem with discs and i've had no problems at all with every other TellTale game that i've downloaded from the store.

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