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UPDATE on pre-order activation issues! (woohoo!)

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 4.6K users
Update update: Reports indicate that everything should be working correctly now! Your games should be behaving as normal... or at least behaving as you'd expect a Sam & Max game to behave.

Of course if you still run into trouble, you can follow the support instructions lower in this post.


Original, now-outdated post:

Hey guys,

A lot of people who pre-ordered have been getting a "purchase is not complete" error when trying to activate their pre-order. We know this sucks! The good news is that we've been working with our e-commerce and software activation provider and successfully found the problem. Over the next hour peoples orders should start unlocking properly. Yay! We're really sorry about this, but the troubles should be over very very soon.

In the mean time, if you pre-ordered and can't wait for us to finish fixing things behind the scenes, we can manually unlock your purchase. To do that, you can click the "Activation Support" button on the bottom corner of the game's launcher screen, and follow the instructions there to email us your hardware fingerprint and order number. Note that we have a pretty deep backlog of manual unlock emails which we have four people replying to as fast as we can, so while we'll get to you as soon as possible, the reply won't be immediate.

Anyway, sorry again for the problems, but we should be through the worst of it. Thanks for sticking by.

- Jake
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  • I would not want to be one of those 4 guys.
  • techstyle;11402 said:
    I would not want to be one of those 4 guys.
    I do think a round of applause is in order for their hard work in getting this fixed ASAP
  • No worries, and it's not like there is nothing to play, the demo is still here to make us wait.

    Nice to know the problem will be solved soon anyway (heck, an hour is peanuts).

    Relax, seeing how the game is, i am not an angry customer.
  • Thanks for the update. Typical that I have to leave for work slightly over an hour from now...
  • Thank those four people from me, it has to be a thankless job!
    And also congratulations on finding the error!
    I will stop playing Monkey Island as soon as I get my activation key, promised!
  • Sorry I lost my Temper.

    When it said I hadn't paid I saw red. Gah. Its like this red flag, wait 13 years and BANG, like an evil practical joke.

    I'm glad you are fixing it though. Must be hell there just now.
  • I'm still downloading, and hope I don't hit this snag, but Telltale, you guys are awesome.

    There's a bunch of people whining like babies because they couldn't get it all happening right at the instant at which they expect it, but you're clearly working your arses (sorry, asses... Aussie ;-) ) off to get it sorted out for each and every one of us.

    Awesome customer service FTW! You rock...

    <93% through download.... wheeeeeeeeee...)
  • *applause*

    Nice work, Jake. And applause to everyone working on it in the background!

    Lets play the waiting game...;)
  • Oh, sweet mercy. It's weird, hiding inside while outside a bunch of Dutch fellows scare the pants off of my classmates in a bit of extended Halloween festivities. They have three different kinds of air horns, chainsaws, some fellow who's REALLY good at cackling maniacally, and it's great fun to run through the demo with those sounds blended with girlish shrieks and generally manly shouts of surprise. I really hope they're still out there when I get my activation code.

    And while I'm here, I'll throw my thanks onto the pile for those four poor souls working late tonight to makes sure we impatient nerds are having a good time.
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