Do you think that TellTale-like games are gonna reach the success of films, someday?

Reasons why they should have success:
- They actually involve more the player emotionally
- They have good storytelling like films do
- The player can build his own story
- Unlike films, you can watch a different story every time you play it
Reasons why they shouldn't:
- They require more attention so the player may not relax like in films
- They can't be shown in cinemas, beacause of their interactive nature
- Real life actors are still better than 3D models, however, seeing what they did with new games (like COD WWII) they could do realistic ones to replace the actors

What do you think? Tell me your reasons why they sould/shouldn't reach the success of films, or at least get close to it.
P.S: English is not my first language so if I did mistakes tell me and I'll fix 'em, trying to improve.



  • I have thought that a MCSM movie could be really cool.

  • Depends what you mean by success. Financially? No way.

    The best selling games of the year(a couple just reached $1 billion) pretty much tied the best selling movie. While this looks like an indicator that games can compete with film, when you start to look at the middle of the pack, this becomes a lot less evident.

    Film studios can hedge their bets on a couple movies and gamble on a couple and still make a generous quarterly profit. The video game industry doesn't have that luxury(outside of a few mega-studios like EA) and one poor performer can spell disaster for multiple quarters. Video games just don't have the price point to compete head to head and yet they take 3-5 times longer to produce.

    If it happens, we are a long way from there.

    A happy thought is that independent games do perform much better than independent film.

  • Films' market is god damn huge and I know it. I mean the same "popularity", to clarify.

    Johro posted: »

    Depends what you mean by success. Financially? No way. The best selling games of the year(a couple just reached $1 billion) p

  • It would be very cool if it happend, but I doubt it.

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    No. At least not in a movie theatre setting. As long as Telltale has that solo interactive medium -- the freewalks -- it wouldn't stand a chance. People's engagement would drop once those come on screen.
    Now, interactive films -- as in: films with just the choice-based gameplay -- those could work. Maybe.

    "You have pressed 2"

    In terms of games, they won't reach the success of films, but they don't have to. They're doing just fine.

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