Season 2 xbox 360 episode 5 achievements list not updated causing issues. 820/800 gamerscore.

i played the last episode of season 2 yesterday and after i played i noticed my achievements were 25 out of 24 and my gamer score was 820 out of 800. i've read about this issue before in other telltale games but i redownloaded my profile, cleared my xbox 360 cache, redownloaded episode 5 and nothing seems to fix that it won't go to 1000 gamerscore. sometimes it will show 820/1000 but will revert back to 820/800. i don't know if it is an issue with the title update to episode 5. on my profile it sometimes says i have 82% completion sometimes it says 102%. i doubt many people here play this game on the 360 but does anyone have this issue as well? i'm thinking there is nothing i can do unless they come out with another update to the game or its on microsoft's end i don't know. i sent a bug report as well hopefully they get that as well and this can be fixed.

edit: I've read on TrueAchievements website that this game as well as other telltale games on the 360 have achievement issues when an episode first comes out for about a month so i guess that is the issue i am and other people are having. i will leave this here in case anyone is looking for information on this forum.

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